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【 New 】 Bedding manufacturer to teach you new bedding should be used after washing - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-22
A lot of people bought new bedding back, open the packing, considered to be the new bedding, immediately use, some consumers feel, if wash before use, the product is likely to rub off, and not as good as the new flat, affect beautiful, in fact, this way of doing wrong. Bedding as a direct contact with the skin products, in the process of production and sales, many people handling, not only will have dust, and may carry bacterium; And will rub off the bedding of the dye may cause skin irritation or invisible damage, even cause cancer. Bedding, currently on the market is given priority to with cotton products, will wrinkle after cleaning. Production bedding is commonly: the process of purchasing - cloth Test - Tailor - Sewing - Finishing - Iron - Packaging - During storage, there is no specific disinfection and killing bacteria 'vacuum packaging' and other measures. Taobao's biggest-selling bedding sellers customer service said, a bed with former need to wash up before use, wash water then pulling air can be smooth. Main wedding home textile sellers of customer service, said a bed with former depends on individual whether clean before use, some people are used directly, also can clean the water, but you need to hang ironing machine needs to achieve a new product that is flat and level. For married couple bed is tasted, beauty is very important. Because of the wedding day wedding bedding, there will be a lot of relatives and friends to see, the day's products need to be perfect; Can choose don't need to clean the bedding of wedding day, because the custom need new, even if the old shower, but before you go to sleep at night, can replace it. industry, he says, is for the first time using bedding, it is best to rinse the ( The highest washing temperature 30 degrees) Will, on the surface of the pulp quality and printing and dyeing floating color take out, to use will be soft, in the future when cleaning is not easy to fade, rinse after don't pay, we hang directly, roughness effect can reach 80%, if the pursuit of the perfect person, need ironing effect ( The highest temperature iron base plate shall not exceed 110 degrees) 。
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