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by:TONDA     2020-04-22
The weather gradually warming, many consumers because of the busy preparing for change garments according to the bedding, are rushing in the spinning stores. We choose bedding, mainly undertake choosing according to the following three aspects: the consideration on the bedding brand visibility general consumers to purchase a bedding brand can according to the brand reputation to consider, for example, if you want to buy a set of high-grade home textiles bed is tasted, that would certainly consider brands such as luo lai, fu Anna, mendale, because these, well known brand in the domestic design and manufacture of bed is tasted by the widespread praise of the industry, and natural sales outstanding. Now brand classification is very fine, of course, if you like fashion brand of a class, can consider ShangMa can, more love; Like wedding brand can be considered handsome, southern role ofing, etc. From the consideration on the bedding fabric bedding fabric, of course, is also the main factors of consumer choice, after the shop assistants to introduce, consumers can self study of the fabrics of bedding, such as pure cotton fabric is very strong, feel is very comfortable to the touch. And silk fabrics on appearance luster, feel is smooth to the touch and comfortable. Now the brand of home textile fabrics of the textile are fastidious, such as high density fabrics is refers to the production and processing of fabric density is very high, the use of a longer life. General qualified products fabric longitude and latitude of the normal manufacturer is in commonly 76 x 68, false and inferior product longitude and latitude is below 76 by 68. From the consideration on the bed is tasted the work on the choice we can from the consideration on the work of bed is tasted, the bed is tasted on the processing of pattern selection of printing, satin, jacquard, embroidery and so on, different processing technology, price nature is also different, and the process of complicated degree is also affect the product price.
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