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【 New 】 Buy silk bedding should pay attention to several - rigid standards Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-22
Silk as a symbol of China's five thousand years of civilization, as early as the tang dynasty have been circulating Persia, etc. Silk, with its excellent feel and delicate do manual work, for the love of consumers at home and abroad, especially with the Chinese characteristics cheongsam, mostly in silk material cutting production. Now, early in the home textiles bedding silk bedding, scientists say, the long-term use of silk material products can improve skin protein, good to human body health effect, so there is a group of consumers begin to buy silk bedding. Silk products because of its raw materials acquisition difficult and price is very high, so consumer is buying silk class need to pay attention to the three hard targets on the bed is tasted. Silk raw materials index to buy silk bed is tasted, must have the identity of raw materials on the bed is tasted. Consumers should learn to view the product composition of raw materials, such as including how many silk material, its internal are detrimental to human body harmful substances, and so on. Consumers, of course, also can ask the owner took out the corresponding certificate, prove that these products are silk material. Silk feel comfort silk itself feels very smooth, no prick the hand, the hand feeling. If the consumer is buying silk products feel discomfort, it is surely not pure silk products, or other material is mixed in the bed is tasted. The physical and mental health of the consumer is a kind of harm. The luster of silk bedding and appearance if the pure silk products, the material of bed is tasted itself is very light, and beautiful appearance, see it feel shine at the moment. Rather than pure silk products, glossiness is much dark, appearance in a timely manner to do again beautiful, also can't absolutely reflects the characteristic of bed is tasted. Consumers must be clear, the degree of light silk bedding was born, some small businesses in order to highlight the effect, deliberately to add some bright additive, these ways are not desirable, if consumers find, can complain to the relevant departments.
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