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【 New 】 The curtain factory will teach you the basic common sense - fabric choice Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-22
As an important part of modern home decoration, curtain is playing an increasingly important role. As consumers, how to choose a suitable curtain, this will need to first understand a little basic knowledge of the material selection. Choose cloth curtain according to the first of the bedroom decorate tonal and style to establish large effect, then according to the building of the specific use situation to determine the optimal collocation of curtain cloth art. Secondly, on the choice of the curtain cloth art, to understand some of the basic quality of a material of cloth, the source of goods, according to actual circumstances to order the curtain cloth art products. The cloth of curtain cloth art product quality including natural fibers, synthetic fiber, synthetic fiber. Natural fiber is made of cotton, wool, linen, silk fabric. Synthetic fibers is the reconstruction of the natural fiber and chemical processing, such as nylon. Synthetic fiber by chemical fiber processing. Could be divided into two kinds of imported and domestic goods source. Imported material by Spain, France, Germany, the United States and other European and American countries and neighboring South Korea, Japan. The curtain fabric, imported from formal channels have a flat, lubricious feeling strong, feel comfortable, etc. They are in a wupan yuan RMB to five centuries one meter. Domestic material origin is given priority to with guangdong, zhejiang and Shanghai. These companies can follow international textile industry trend of The Times, gradually began to form their own features. With more than products of guangdong province is the natural and man-made or synthetic blended, and thus is both a long time, compare halfback modelling and fashion design. At the same time, the price is moderate. Spinning le home textiles will teach you to choose the right entrance the home textiles consumer guide and home textiles products, points out that because of the different product material, structure, process, and the appearance style, product class, practical performance of the different price, consumers can according to individual be fond of and requirement, combined with economic conditions, choose to buy. ( 1) About the bed is tasted. Bedding, the commonly used material is qualitative with cotton, polyester-cotton blended fabric, silk, silk/cotton mixed, ramie cotton blended or mixed is given priority to, the general complete real silk fabrics, bed is tasted showily elegance, high density cotton jacquard bedding with good quality and the use of comfort, is a high grade product. The benefits of terylene printed bedding is colorful, light easy catharsis, average price is relatively low. ( 2) About the core. Different material by core common are: chemical fiber, silk quilt, duvets, are made of wool, camel hair was, etc. Core is kind of product can be combined with the filler material according to the different characteristics of choose and buy. Pillow core material in addition to above by core is often used to similar material, also common latex pillow, kapok pillow, grass drug pillow, etc. When buying a home textiles products, to look for the packing of the products. Make clear instructions on the use of the normal product: manufacturer's name and address, product name, specifications, the raw material, the composition and content of the washing methods, standards, quality grade, quality qualification certificate, etc, and specifications, the composition and content of raw material, washing methods durability tags must be used. Tip: in the textile dye can make the person causes cancer, therefore, close-fitting cover bedding should choose light white products, other home textiles products should choose not easy to fade away. The person with sensitive skin, do not recommend using terylene bedding. Neutral tone is suitable for all the year round
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