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by:TONDA     2020-05-17
Pure cotton and polyester/cotton quilt cover the main points currently on the market, there are other fabrics such as silk, acrylic, silk, satin. Cotton is 100% cotton, polyester-cotton is polyester and cotton blended: if 'polyester' is written in the former, indicate the content of polyester is greater than the cotton product; If there are words 'cotton polyester' write, said cotton content than polyester; If meet TC sign, refers to the product contains 50% polyester and 50% cotton. In the 'face', the cheapest acrylic, so want to buy the appropriate ratio of contentment and also learning a lot of quilts & comforters. New understanding various quilt A: washing wool by adopting double protection run MAO process window: the Australian import wool quilt with 100% as filler. In addition to like ordinary wool has natural close skin, can keep dry, breathable, and warm, comfortable, this quilt biggest features lies in combining new technology - — — Wool 'resin finishing, making breakthrough the limitation of general wool is washed wool itself, its usage is convenient. Maintenance: quilts & comforters should be no air basks regularly, in a well ventilated place but do not insolate, with 10 o 'clock in the morning until 3 PM advisable, can reach the effect of sterilization and to moisture. Use to add a layer of bedding bag, bedding bag should change, frequently wash, frequently cannot weigh at ordinary times, can be dry-cleaned.
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