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by:TONDA     2020-04-10
After the home decoration, furniture, many owners will pay attention to home plate in the excessive harmful substances, often ignored the environmental condition of soft adornment. Little imagine home curtain, table cloth, sofa cover, curtain, carpet, etc. These cloth art adornment also is likely to be actually the pollution sources of household. Small make up recommend home textiles cloth art to fully immerse first before use. New why first immerse cleaning cloth art adornment home textiles products in the process of production, often join such auxiliaries and dyes, synthetic resin finishing agent, etc. , most of formaldehyde. Especially dark cloth and anti-wrinkle, soft fabrics and other special processing, formaldehyde content is bigger. So when the choose and buy, explore the mall have pungent odor, small make up recommend never buy color more light more security, and pay attention to the dye should be free from foreign smell, strong stability and not easy to fade. on formaldehyde is dreadful, but getting rid of formaldehyde on the cloth art adornment method is relatively simple. Cloth art to buy back home, had better not in a hurry to use, but let its full immersion in clean water, so it can greatly reduce the formaldehyde content in the residue in the above, at the same time also can wash it in the process of production and transportation may be stained with the dust and stains. Also, put the cloth art on the balcony sufficient ventilation before using. Pillow for a long time don't clean up easily trigger asthma, according to the daily mail reported that researchers at the university of Manchester, England, found that pillow impurity could trigger asthma, this is because millions of fungal spores will accompany every day in our daily the pillow. Researchers found after the material sampling research of the pillow, on the pillow to contain a lot of people are using fungi, per gram pillow material has thousands of fungal spores, per the pillow only contains more than 1 million fungal spores. Especially in the chemical fiber pillows, the researchers also found that the more fungi. Bacteria may bring trouble to oneself, fungi can enter in the hollow of the tuberculosis, let patients physical deterioration and pulmonary hemorrhage, trigger asthma. Especially asthma adult patients for many years. Aspergillus can also cause a series of animal and plant diseases. Is the leading cause of leukemia and bone marrow transplant patients died a main infection factors. Researchers also suggests, in the absence of other body disease, after getting up, often feel cervical numbness acid bilges, etc should be alert to the pillow is clean. How to keep the pillow core clean? Sun: microbes in dry environment is not easy to reproduce, sunshine also can kill the vast majority of microbes. Wash: with synthetic fiber or feather pillow core can be washing, filling the to remove dirt. Change: buckwheat husk, rushes to core pillow is not suitable for washing, it is best to change regularly. Self checking whether to move the pillow 1. In the absence of other body disease, often feel neck numbness acid bilges after morning rises. 2. Pillow has lost its elasticity, need to beat a great ability to make its restore some flexibility. 3. After the well is not easy to adjust the pillow, it quickly recover flat again. 4. Pillow has agglomerate, uneven phenomenon, and the peculiar smell of the filler has be affected with damp be affected with damp. Suggest every 1 - 2 years is to replace a pillow.
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