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Online Canton Fair

Online Canton Fair


The 128th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) ended online on Oct 24.

Just ten days, Canton fair attracted buyers from 226 countries and regions registered exhibition, upload nearly 2.6 exhibitors exhibits more than 2.47 million pieces of exhibitors cloud exhibition hall visitors 7.8926 million times, the beautiful transcripts, reveal the vitality of the Canton fair again, also to activate injected new momentum of global trade to promote world economic recovery.



At present, the world is facing profound changes unseen in a century. In particular, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, international trade and investment are shrinking dramatically.On The 40th anniversary of the Establishment of shenzhen Special Economic Zone held on October 14, President Xi Jinping made it clear that:We must not be against the wind and wave back, stand in the right side of history, unswervingly comprehensive open still wider to the outside world, promote the construction of an open world economy, promote to build human destiny community, the 128th Canton fair to overcome the outbreak, successful exhibitions on the Internet, open the foreign trade industry chain, supply chain, marks the Canton fair has been over 64 years, during which never interrupt, we are actively response to the outbreak, which fully embodies the co-construction and responsible attitude of human health and healthy community, also declared that China's expanding, full of determination and drive to open still wider to the outside world is advantageous to the maintenance of the multilateral trading system, promote the whole economy.

The online Canton Fair is not only a big platform for the international market, but also a big stage for the super-large domestic market of China.The 128th Canton Fair aims to promote the construction of a new pattern of development in which both domestic and international cycles play an active role, and more and more enterprises have achieved two-legged walking through the matchmaking of platforms.During the exhibition, many online stores added labels for domestic sales. More than 13,700 domestic buyers registered to visit the exhibition and initiated 57,800 instant communications with exhibitors.For the first time, more than 40 Guangdong exhibitors and about 100 domestic professional buyers participated in the double-cycle promotion activity of Canton Fair, and the proportion of domestic sales orders of some enterprises increased to 70%~80%.Facts have proved that the Canton Fair has become an important starting point for the construction of a new pattern of development. We should continue to accelerate the institutional opening of rules and standards, and actively promote enterprises to make better use of both domestic and international markets and resources to achieve high-quality development.

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