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by:TONDA     2020-04-10
Baby, is my mother's angel, each came to the mother of the baby, is the existence of the family as the most precious, people all love, is to let the little life felt the most warm things in this world - — The family. For baby care, early for parent most young couples are poorly understood. First of all, from the aspects of the baby's sleeping, the baby most of the time of the day is on the bed or the mother's arms, even in the age of 3, also sleep time every day at about 12 hours. So, if to buy baby bed is tasted, just consider it feels comfortable, but also to the scientific nature. So, pick a baby bed is tasted, there are many considerations. First, the need to pay attention to is the pillow, the baby of the pillow can't be too hard, the baby's skull plasticity is big, high pillow, easy to cause changes in the head type, make the baby's brain after sleep too flat or because the baby likes to take a certain position and appear asymmetric skull growth. Perfect pillow can also affect the baby sleep quality, sleep for a long time in hard pillow, the baby's brain after hair will appear due to friction and a bald. In order to solve the above problems, the treasure went home textile based on the research of the baby's vital signs and design a scientific and suitable for baby use pillow. So treasure him home textiles chose according to the professional knowledge for you to explain how the baby bed is tasted. Baby's pillow, in general, with the head of equal length, the width of the length of the pillow, should be the same as his shoulder width. Only in 3 - the height of the pillow 4 cm is ok. If the baby is too soft pillow is too big, easy to make the baby in the stomach when her head into the pillow and suffocate. Because baby sweat is much, make the material of the pillow to absorb moisture, ventilation, to prevent the baby born prickly heat. If the baby pillow air permeability is bad, will cause the temperature of the head is too high, make the baby to sleep difficulties or impatient. So, baby pillow, outside should be soft cotton cloth. Moreover, baby use small quilt needs carefully selected, baby small quilt and should choose soft and ventilation and good property of wicking material, such as the light color of soft cotton cloth or full cotton flannel, new cotton lining. Bed according to the baby's body length and special, is too long too big cover not only heavy, mother picked up will drag drag hang very inconvenient. Especially after the baby will turn, the quilt is too long, also easy to stifle him wrapped the baby. So, baby small quilt should be appropriately extended, widened after a while. Quilts don't have to be too thick, too thick in diapers when make the baby catch cold catch cold easily instead, optional close a thinner one or two bed cover, again to choose a bed is a bit thick, change for children. Baby, the most beautiful angel baby, they grow up with love and care, treasure him home textile with the most professional attitude, the most scientific design, bearing the weight of the angels in the protection of the 'core' most!
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