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by:TONDA     2020-05-10
Sleep is very important for the human body a link, is to regulate state of body and mind is the best time. Choose good pillow core, is the ability to create for you the best sleep, to the effect of different pillow core do you know how many? The herb pillow, with makings of pure herb pillow can bring unique fragrance for sleep. Is most suited to have a friend sleep disturbance, which can be chosen according to their different symptoms in different plant medicine bags, and take the appropriate component to relieve your sleep disorder, also a dream for you. Wavy memory pillow memory pillow, be helpful for health of cervical vertebra, memory pillow comfortable soft, close to the skin, with good ventilation effect, slow rebound to help you reduce the pressure on a day's work, easy to to sleep. Feather pillow, complete with white duck smooth duck feather filling for the best, with a good supporting effect, no matter what kind of position is your friend to be able to enjoy the best sleep time, good flexibility, full mind weaving for you. So good pillow core, still should choose to suit oneself, choose according to actual condition, with a suitable pillow, easily spend a good night's sleep.
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