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by:TONDA     2020-04-10
A suitable pillow, in addition to the 'face', more want to consider 'lining', is the key to choose a pillow pillow core factors. Traditional by cotton pillow core, crushed wheat straw and so on after filling, the biggest defects is not effectively support the weight of the head and neck, variability, breeding ground for bacteria. Now, there are a lot of padding material can be used as a pillow, the pillow of filler? Kapok pillows: pure natural pillow filling material, can be functions of dehumidification, invigorate the circulation of the pain. Kapok fiber hollow degree above 86%, far more than 25% of artificial fibers 40% and any other natural materials. Is warm, natural antibacterial, not decay mildew textile zhou. Defect is not washed, support the weaker. Feather pillow: good feather pillow, using larger down, its volume is better, to offer better support head, also won't deformation due to use for a long time. And feather has the advantages of qualitative light, breathe freely, not hot, warm. Feather pillow is good material pillow, but the most prominent disadvantage is that the bad cleaning. Buckwheat pillow, buckwheat pillow pillow is a natural material, has a long history, because of buckwheat shell unique structure, it has good air permeability, never deformation, high plasticity, warm in winter and cool in summer. Buckwheat with aromatic begin to understand, invigorate the circulation of arteries and veins, tranquilize mind, educational refreshing, aftercare zang-fu organs, and the effect such as Yin and Yang, promote sleep, buckwheat defect is compared with the traditional pillow hard, doesn't fit like a soft pillow, also pay attention to keep dry, often sun is basked in the sun. Buckwheat skin is by far the most suitable for the elderly pillow, if home old man sleeping well try buckwheat skin pillow, have the effect very much to improve sleep. Semen cassiae pillow: semen cassiae is a leguminous plant tree or small tree of mature seeds drying, bitter taste, sweet, cool, with clear something, wind dampness, kidney bright eye, runchang purge etc. Its natural physical therapy USES more, at the same time are widely used in the step-down, aperient, weight loss, and other fields. Cassia seed other cool features, unique use special comfortable in summer, especially in accordance with the basic physical therapy 'cool head hot feet' theory of TCM. Like buckwheat pillow, requires constant exposure, but definitely due to the small cold, for pregnant women or infants and young children are not good, and easy to stomach pain, diarrhea with semen cassiae pillow is unfavorable. Latex pillows: natural latex pillow, permeability and hygroscopicity, good elasticity, sterile, it is not easy deformation, strong support, and the advantages of easy to clean, attach the human head curve, its unique soft touch and latex high elastic conforms to the body contour, based on the human body vertebra. Defect is not insolate, the price is relatively expensive. Chemical fiber pillow: cheap but not practical, it is a common pillow made of synthetic fiber, its advantage is easy to clean. Don't breathe freely, chemical fiber materials used for a long time easy to deformation form, lack of flexibility, pillow appear rugged condition, especially some small factory production of inferior chemical fiber pillow. Cold water stone pillow: cold water stone pillow in cold water for filling pillow pillow core, cold water stone cold, damp and hot, help to sleep. And easy to clean, very convenient. Poor but hard texture, comfort, taste cold with caution. Here small make up of the happy home textiles preferred health protection of semen cassiae pillow and buckwheat pillow, in fact, no matter what filler pillow, there is no absolute good or bad, only suit doesn't fit, you need according to their own actual situation to choose a pillow.
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