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Pillow for a long time not to wash breeding mites please to take a bath pillow - on a regular basis Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-10
Months not washing pillows, pillow will grow several million mite, great harm to human body health. The pillow is a good partner, we sleep on a regular basis to the pillow 'bath' is very necessary. Chemical fiber pillow chemical fiber pillow is a common pillow made of synthetic fiber, less breathable, chemical fiber materials used for a long time easy to deformation of agglomerate, lack of flexibility, pillow in rough condition. Cleaning method is washed by hand and machine wash, but should choose a mild detergent; Best when machine wash and wash with a towel, with balanced flow; The best drying after washing, so help restore elasticity pillow, soft and fluffy. Latex pillow latex pillow has good elasticity, not easy to deformation, strong support. According to introducing, latex for bone is the development of children, can change the head shape, and there is no dust that may cause respiratory tract allergy, fiber and other allergens, some latex pillow also has the effect of massage and promote blood circulation. Cleaning method soak in cold water with detergent added, with handle gently pressing pillow, until clean, redundant detergents must be crowded. After water, rinsed repeatedly until the rinse clean. Feather pillow feather pillow volume is better, to offer better support head, also won't deformation due to use for a long time, and feather has the advantages of qualitative light, breathable, not hot. Down in the water cleaning method is very easy to knot the ball, so this kind of pillow can't clean water. Regularly take a pillow with handle gently, to keep its fluffy, and get a ventilated place, remove sweat and water vapor. Can also be sent to the dry cleaner to clean. Other pillow other classes are mainly tea pillow pillow, activated charcoal pillow, bamboo charcoal pillow, medical stone pillow, etc. Cleaning method health care pillow also can not be washed, water will lose its effectiveness. Accurate method is dab pillow, to restore its original shape, and put in ventilated place ventilation, avoid exposure.
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