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by:TONDA     2020-04-11
In our daily life, it is a good thing if you don't have a good maintenance, will deteriorate until retirement. Shijiazhuang home textile manufacturers think that pillow with for a long time no good to cleaning, of course is directly discarded. How do you wash the pillow? How clean can make a pillow is not easy to damage, the following tips of shijiazhuang home textiles manufacturer brand introduce you several pillow cleaning method: 1. Washed by hand in the right way: use mild detergent for washing; Put the pillow into the detergent solution, continuously squash with the hand hold pillow, until it is clean, the excess liquid detergent must be crowded; Water, until the pillow rinse clean, finally, the excess water drain; Will hold pillow flat to dry, it will be more soft and fluffy. 2. Machine wash pillow should note: using a mild detergent for washing; Using large washing machine, can wash the two pillows at the same time. If only large enough to accommodate a, it is better to wash with a towel, with balanced flow; If drying, pillow will be more easy to restore the original elasticity, and is more soft and fluffy. 3. Different pillow use different cleaning maintenance: latex pillows used cold soaking sperm washing, with handle gently pressing and then rinse clean with water repeatedly, then with a dry cloth parcel, after most of the moisture absorption, placed the shade drying can, do not exposure in the sun, so as to avoid material metamorphism oxidation. Feather pillow because feather easy knot ball, under the influence of water is not clean water. Maintenance can hold pillow with handle gently pat, keep it loose, and take to the air blower, remove sweat and water vapor. If the pillow is really too dirty, can be sent to the dry cleaner to clean. 4. General printing pattern pillow (1), please cushion for leaning on of coat will be removed when catharsis, turn to reverse washing; (2), avoid long soaking, and scrub the washing in cold water; (3), please use the flexible detergent or detergent, do not use bleach. (4), not directly with the iron iron design part; (5), cushion for leaning on of core do not washed, the sunshine, gently pat to restore the original after expansion. ( Shijiazhuang home textiles manufacturers tip)
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