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by:TONDA     2020-04-10
Pillow is particularly prone to yellow, if you don't often clean pillows, will cause a lot of mite, body uncomfortable, long blain blain on the face, even health is influential to the body, so frequently wash pillow is a must. Today spinning joy home textiles small make up teach you how to clean pillow as good as new? A, the common pillow yellow because the body to the exocrine grease, all the pillow with a period of time will be yellow. If the yellow, can put a pillow in the washing machine, then pour it into the washing powder, detergent, a small amount of bleach and jumping around a half cup of sand, and then according to the normal washing machine cleaning method to clean it. If your pillow latex pillows or spring pillow can not so clean. Second, the chemical fiber polyester pillow is made of synthetic fiber pillow, generally don't breathe freely, with long time is particularly easy to agglomerate, presents different conditions at the same time. How to wash? Can use a mild detergent, can use cleaning can be washed by hand or machine. If you want to machine wash, can be in inside put a towel and cleaning together, such doing can balance the speed of water flow. Best choice of drying method after wash, such doing can make a pillow, flexible to become more of the fluffy and soft. Three, latex pillows general elastic latex pillow is very good, not easy deformation, at the same time support is also very strong. According to the data show that the latex pillows on the developing adolescent children particularly good, there will be no dust and fiber affect children's respiratory health, at the same time it can also help to massage, promote blood circulation. How to wash? Prepare a pot of cold water first, and then add some detergent, then put in the pillow, with his hand gently on the pillow, until clean pillows. Washing the residual detergents, and then rinse clean with water. Four, feather pillow, the pillow is very fleeciness, can get very good massage effect, make the head will not deformation, feather pillow light texture at the same time, some features such as not hot at the same time very breathable. How to wash? Down a water is especially easy to catch, so, don't use water to clean, can gently knocking on the pillow, often in ventilation places make it fluffy some, this will remove sweat or water vapor, doing so can the sterilization. Note if it is a health care pillow also don't wash with water, it will lose its original effect, can be in the sun insolates, then gently pat.
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