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by:TONDA     2020-05-10
Core tip: more than a decade ago, pillow towel is the necessary bedding, but with the change of the habits and customs, they are gradually fade out the life of people. In fact, compared with pillowcases, pillow towel change is convenient, good for skin health and sleep more, therefore, we will use the pillow towel used to back. 'If you don't change pillow towel light wash a face, to a large extent, is equivalent to not wash your face. 'The people's liberation army general hospital first affiliated hospital, 304 hospital) Dermatological department director, said Dr Zou Xianbiao pillow towel easy to stain the dander, dust mites, fungi, and bacteria on the skin and hair and grease, dirt, etc. , and contact with the face of much longer time than face towel, only pay attention to facial skin clean and ignore the pillow towel clean, wash a face is not. Skin is the first line of defense against outside 'invasion', is the human body to prevent microbes and parasites invade the first barrier. It is well known that sleep is beauty a golden opportunity, if the pillow towel is dirty, will become a breeding ground for dust mites and a hotbed of bacteria, the bacteria exploiting the loopholes, will bring a series of skin problems, such as to cause pore bulky, acne, and skin allergy, etc. Therefore, in general, changing a pillow towel should be two or three days, and have severe acne, skin infections or allergies should be replaced once a day. Pillow towel had better choose pure cotton material, with light color advisable, had better be pure white, white bed is tasted generally use less dye, potential health hazards are relatively small, at the same time, the white is easy to determine whether to clean thoroughly, urged people to timely replacement. When cleaning, had better choose washed by hand, if the machine wash, the water temperature should be controlled in 54 ℃ - Between 66 ℃ and clean 15 - For 20 minutes. After washing to dry or dry in the sun, in time to reach the effect of sterilization. In order to have the best antibacterial effect, still can use bleach, it is the cheapest fungicide, but when using low concentration is best. In addition, the smell and taste treatment and research foundation in Chicago neurologist Alan Dr Hess's suggestion, can use a few drops of lavender essential oil to add two glasses of water after washing homemade perfumes, sprayed on the sheet, help to sleep.
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