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Printed Color Bedspread Microfiber Quilts with Flower Pattern Series

Printed Color Bedspread Microfiber Quilts with Flower Pattern Series

Item: TD0423,TD0417,TD0458,TD0453,TD0435
Surface: Microfiber
Fill: Polyester
MOQ: About 800 pieces per color.You can mix sizes.

Colors according to your color card.

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The exquisite printing and free needle quilting make the washing look very beautiful.

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Printed Color Bedspread Microfiber Quilts with Flower Pattern Series

In recent years, different floral prints have become popular again as classic themes, with designers from mid-range and high-end brands using delicate flowers and plants to create passionate styles.Try to collocation different colors of different kinds of flowers and plants, in order to build different bedroom style, give a person a kind of place oneself in the natural breath of the flower world。


At the same time, in the trees and flowers in different bed is tasted, can let the designers to play more, each flower color represents a small world, a theme, a kind of character, this pattern is so rich in content, a variety of different forms of flowers set at a suit, but does not appear any clutter and heavy and complicated, rich administrative levels and changes.The perfect combination of flowers and vegetation, the use of color echo clever excessive cohesion, multi-color collision has a strong visual impact, reflects the modern family, enthusiasm, gorgeous breath, its superb design aesthetic level, affinity is full, strong sense of hierarchy and popular。


For example, the collision of flowers and colors, this print design on the bed, like lying quietly in the depths of the season, in the quiet experience of seasonal changes; colorful and bright colors with close fitting fabric, people fall into a friendly but beautiful scene, regain a bit of tenderness; sometimes with bright colors, form a strong contrast, is a mainstream wind direction, has a strong sense of beauty


This series of quilts is named flower printing series,is designed and produced by Shanghai Tonda.

The products details are below:

Premium Fabric: Adopting high weight microfiber,soft and durable,And feel good, easy to take care of, not easy to wrinkle, etc. The adhesiveness and sealing between the fibers are very good, which makes them have good performance in strength, longevity and heat preservation.


Recycle filling : You can use polyester wadding, polycotton,polyester ,cotton and so on for the filling, it is environmentally friendly, lightweight and durable.


Shanghai Tonda can provide you with different design for you to choose, can also be customized according to your design production. Welcome to  contact us for more details.


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