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by:TONDA     2020-04-07
1. Cotton, acrylic is pure cotton fabrics permeability is very good, in terms of the density of knitting, 200 needles, 250 needles and 280, 320, pin number is secretter quality is better. Tc is the polyester and cotton blended, if 'polyester' is written in the former, indicate the content of polyester is greater than the cotton product; Conversely, said cotton content than polyester; If the product contains 50% polyester and 50% cotton, generally marked with TC. Quilts, acrylic quilt don't need too much maintenance, often air is basked in can. Acrylic quilt can machine wash, clean a winter, can prevent bacterial growth. Conditional word, used for two or three years old flocculant to quilt'd better harden sprang loose, not only affect the warmth retention property. 2. Be duvet down, wool and wool is must be dry, also can not directly in the sunlight exposure, it is recommended that you choose dry weather, the quilt in well ventilated and no direct sunlight place, time control in 1 hour or so, can reach the effect of sterilization, to moisture. 3. Fiber by fiber by can directly into the washing machine washing, or washed by hand in cold water, but when cleaning should pay attention to don't use washing powder heavy rubbing, should choose detergent, and washing time not too long, half an hour is preferred. Washed fibre is not deformation, but remember must be thoroughly dried, otherwise it will affect its service life. 4. Silk quilt, silk quilt breathable, soft, feel comfortable, even in the winter can also be used. Cannot be washed, usually on the balcony light tan can achieve the result that in addition to flavor, disinfection, but bear in mind that unfavorable exposure, drying advisable for an hour or so. In addition, silk quilt, silk was and duvets, must avoid direct contact with the sharp hard objects. October, autumn gradually thick, cold air also varies with time one after another, and home textiles bedding into a period of change garments according to the delivery, whether it is stored in a season of bed is tasted, or the reuse of this bed is tasted, need a good maintenance, to continue its service life, better play to the warm skin effect and so on.
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