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by:TONDA     2020-04-02
A lot of people like pure cotton material home textiles products, it soft, comfortable use, with less static, good hygroscopicity and platoon is wet, it can adjust the water of the cotton fiber in equilibrium state; Pure cotton porous also makes it a good thermal performance. These features, make it has a soft and comfortable fit with the skin, is popular all the year round green environmental protection material. Today in home textiles spinning team under the leadership of let us further understand home textiles of cotton products. From the point of view of materials, mainly has the following kinds: sea island cotton, commercial said long-staple cotton, such as xinjiang long-staple cotton fiber is long and thin, with mercerized high strength. Facilitate textile, generally as a high-grade fabrics of the textile materials, the price expensive. Low Asian cotton, fiber stub, commonly known as coarse cotton, is not suitable for textile, its production is low, but high fiber strength, precocious, resistance to wet, can yet be regarded as a kind of important resources. Lidan, also known as the African cotton, wild cotton disease resistance, insect resistance, drought resistance, resistance to hydrochloric acid, cold resistant, high strength, etc. From the point of dyeing, mainly divided into the following kinds: low coating dyeing cheap, is one of the main printing technique on the market now, it is cheap, but just printing on the fabric surface, so relatively easy to rub off, and feel more hard. Reactive dyeing, it is relatively expensive, now mainly in the upscale product, reactive dyeing in dyeing and printing process without azo dyes and formaldehyde, do not contain harmful substances, and do not fade not shrink when washing. Permeability is good, fastness good, feel soft, accepted by more and more people like. Low: woven cotton is made with different colors of warp and weft. Because the dyed before weaving, dye permeability is strong, yarn-dyed better fastness, and different color yarn fabric stereo sense is strong, unique style, bedding more than in the form of a lattice pattern. It has the characteristics of pure cotton fabric, but usually shrinkage is bigger. From the point of weaving, mainly has the following kinds: low plain fabric, the warp and weft every once a root yarn are intertwined. Tabby fabric interwoven points, more fast, pretty, surface smooth, positive and negative exterior effect is the same, plain fabric density impossible too high, relatively thin, has good air permeability. Count in the 30 or so, slightly lower density, fabric is prone to jump yarn defects, such as prices are low. But there are a few plain fabrics also belong to high-density fabric, high-grade embroidered fabrics are generally tabby fabrics. Low twill: warp and weft at least once every two root yarn to interweave, use add warp/weft weaving point, change the fabric structure. Fabrics can be positive and negative, the crossing point of a complete organization cycle, less floating line is longer, feel soft, organization fabric density is higher, the product is thick, stereo sense is stronger. Count has 30, 40 and 60. Low satin drill: warp and weft at least once every three root yarn to interweave, and satin weave fabric density higher, so the more thick fabric. Satin weave product costs are higher than the same kind of plain weave, twill weave products. The satin weave fabric ZhiZhi collectively known as satin fabric. Satin fabric has positive and negative points, a complete the crossing point of the least loop, floating line, longest fabric surface almost entirely made up of warp or weft float line, satin fabric texture is soft. Cloth cover smooth delicate, rich luster. Used when low jacquard: jacquard fabric, fabric weaving fabric organization change is beautiful case, fine yarn count, high requirements for raw cotton. Its monochromatic jacquard and multi-color jacquard taimei craft and difference, monochromatic jacquard for jacquard fabrics - — After good jacquard loom weaving jacquard fabric, and then to dyeing finishing, the fabric finished products for the pure color; Multi-color jacquard for yarn-dyed jacquard fabric - — Yarn dyed lewd first then through ZhiZhi jacquard weaving and become, finally, so there are two or more colors, yarn-dyed jacquard fabrics fabric color is rich, do not show drab, pattern stereo sense is stronger, a higher level. Fabric width 2 m 5, slightly shrink pure cotton fabrics, not the ball, don't rub off. Low satin: adjacent two separate organization points evenly distributed on the warp or weft fabric but not continuous. Satin weave points by satin and weft satin two kinds. It is one of the most complex in sanyuan group. Satin weave in separate organization is composed of two adjacent warp or weft float long-term covered. Fabric surface smooth, even, soft, shiny or slightly assumes the grain. Satin weave fabric USES broad, commonly used as a quilt cover, clothing, shoes and decorative cloth, etc.
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