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Pure cotton textile washing and maintenance - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-25
A stain, processing. Cotton fabric can be in severe pollution place before touch water, with a moderate amount of spray stain remover and rub gently, clean place for 3 to 5 minutes. Washing method: 1, neutral or weak alkaline detergent completely soluble in water, dark and light cotton fabric had better wash separately, in case of the generalization. 2, choose the appropriate size of laundry bag, all kinds of cotton goods classification into the laundry bag, so as to avoid deformation. 3, after the prewash items filthy degree for 15 to 30. Soaking time is too long, fiber to adsorption of pollutants and is not easy to wash. 4, general cotton washing in the 'standard' gear. Another can unpick and wash pillowcases, quilt cover and so on the same set of best, together with the same series cleaning, avoid long produce off color. 5, bleached cotton fabric can use chlorine bleaching liquid, but it must be in accordance with the instructions operation, when catharsis is rinsed clean, completely avoid yellowing in the future, dyeing cotton goods can only use oxygen bleach. After 6, clean water, but right amount add softener, make the cotton fabric feel more soft, towel products is more important. Three maintenance, pure cotton items: 1, as soon as possible after dehydration fluff, jam, skirt, etc. Parts must be counterbalanced by a flat after or hanging on the clothes rack. Printing and dyeing cotton fabric should be inside the outer case faded, and dry in ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight for a long time in the sun. 2, family high density mercerized cotton goods, generally don't need to be ironed, placed 2-3 days can be natural healing. Therefore, simply by folding a steam electric iron temperature in finishing. Printing and dyeing cotton fabric finishing, should be in opposite ironing, can maintain bright color for a long time.
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