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Pure cotton towel wholesale introduction - common sense Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-25
Pure cotton towel wholesale and common sense: 1, cotton towel wholesale and darker than the high cost of light color, towel light color more durable than dark. High because the cost of the dark, that is, into the chemicals, dyeing time. So the damage of the fiber is large. And the deeper the color fastness. Children had better use light color. Don't buy embroidered towels. 2, the weight, the cost of towels on the basis of weight, the heavier, its cost is higher, the quality will be better, of course. 3, use time long hardening will happen. 4, wet towel dry towel, more easily than susceptible to bacteria. 5, why do some wholesale cotton towel after water not water? Touched a bit of a towel, and water is dry? Because in the process of dealing with towel, use a kind of additives: softener this thing is a kind of liquid, pure cotton towel over it from the inside will become very soft. It has two kinds: one kind is absorbent; A is out of the water. Naturally, you know the front of the problem. Not bibulous special bright color products, like showed that coated with a layer of grease; So, when you want to buy wholesale cotton towel, very thin towel is very bright, is not bibulous.
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