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by:TONDA     2020-05-25
: a, pure cotton fabrics luster common soft dim, outward appearance fine clean enough, some hair acerbity; Rough fabrics have impurity phase, its soft were bone, but poor elasticity and drapability is bad, easy to fold, quickly loosen hand clenched fabrics, fabric will have obvious crease, and it is not easy to reply. After mercerizing or resin finishing of cotton fabric, its gloss, handle and elastic change, hairiness reduction, soft and smooth with a silk luster, not wrinkle easily. After finishing of cotton flannelette wool grinding its surface covering a thin layer of fluff, have warm feeling. Second, the pure hemp fabrics: woven from ramie and flax. Ramie fiber fabrics such as cloth body careful clean and tight, cloth good luster, feel is strong smooth, the surface villous, strength, strong rigidity, cool sense is strong, easy to wrinkle, and not easy to recover; Pure hemp fabrics encounters water swelling. Pure hemp fabric tearing voice altogether. Flax fiber fabric is not easy to absorb dust, the surface has a special soft luster; Flax fiber fabrics feel more soft, easy absorption, and not easy to recover; Flax fiber fabric strength, strong rigidity, encounter water expansion. Three 1, pure wool worsted wool, wool fabrics is combed yarn woven, high quality of the wool used. Most of the quality of a material is thin, flat cloth light cure, and fine lines clear, soft luster nature, a sense of oil moisten, natural fat light, colour is pure. Fabric soft, warm, body bone crisp, smooth, elastic, not board, not bad, thick, hard, hands clenched fabric quickly loosen, crease instantly reply, basic no crease even a slight crease fade in a short time. 2, pure wool worsted wool is carded yarn woven fabrics, generally treated with thin lines and fluff. Most close texture, thick, cloth round, colour and lustre downy, fat enough light. Face and suede fabrics surface villous coverage, not dew or half bottom lines, and textured clear grain surface. Fabrics feel warm, soft and thick, no harden ice, crisp and elastic. With the hand close to the fabric quickly loosen, crease, less smooth and quick reply.
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