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by:TONDA     2020-04-21
Lifetime to many parts of the road, I walk through the bridge, in many places have seen many times of cloud, drink many kinds of wine, but only loved a proper age. Chinese valentine's day, when we are together, we will go to often go to the cafe, remember your first date together drink latte, is so mellow rich, exquisite and continuous. Chinese valentine's day, when we are together, we will keep in the delicious hot pot, do you remember our love is flushed, the heart beat faster. Chinese valentine's day, when we are together, we're going to go to the rainbow bridge, roaming thanks glistening, look up at the blue sky, so quiet in the nature, enjoy the quiet for a moment only belonging to both of us. Chinese valentine's day, when we are together, let us together grizzled troubadour, dwelling on the vast gobi desert, let us quiet snuggle up each other, the breeze stroke, you will see my beautiful. 【 Spinning le home textiles 】 Understand [ Beauty and style] Because understand you, send out more than is a gift, and understand; Because I know, received more than is a gift, is moved. Pure and fresh and soft blue and pink tones. Bouquet combined with patterns of the European style, with a beautiful, open quietly in the pattern, a piece of elegant gorgeous late spring or early summer, all show the picture rhythm. With simple modelling, rich level change, free and easy writing, reflects the modern elegant warm atmosphere. Product name: love flowers angel size: can be customized product features: cardiac fabrics through the flannelette, flocking, such as a special process, the final products tend to be exquisite, natural, smooth, no sense of disquiet. Derive the fabric with fluffy thick texture lubricious feeling smooth and soft and comfortable and elegant. Can derive naked sleep of home textiles fabrics ( Pure cotton fabric, printing and dyeing processing are using national standard of environmental protection fuel, no any harmful to human body composition) 。 Applicable people: for young and old for seasons: the four seasons all can Chinese valentine's day, please bring himself to let us together here, waiting for a romantic, not about and to give each other a new surprise. In the space of two people, and he ( She) Four eyes relative quietly together, realize together, belong to two people happy valentine's day.
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