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by:TONDA     2020-05-16
Bedding article in addition to the mattresses, pillows, quilts & comforters and other bedding is also closely related with sleep. These close-fitting bedding should be scientifically selected? Pillow height, hardness and flexibility are the three major indicators of the pillow. According to department store bedding counters sales staff, the height of the pillow should be between 15 ~ 20 cm. Avoid to choose too soft pillow, soft pillow sleep health have bigger harm to human body. The elasticity of the pillow should be moderate, elastic too good pillow is easy to deformation, is not conducive to form a good night's sleep. In addition, now the mall has many functional smart pillow sale, these intelligent pillow production with high quality materials and fabrics, and offers a variety of sizes, can according to the physiological characteristics of different groups and provide suitable pillow type sleep habits. The quilt in the past, people used to make the quilt quilt, but the quilt is heavier, the shortcomings of airtight also affects the human body comfort of sleep. Nowadays, more and more kinds inside the quilt, such as fiber was, silk quilt, duvet new varieties to their respective characteristics to win the love of consumers, as the business of selling products. Fiber is fibre is to be made of material such as polyester fiber, synthetic fiber, common type of price is in commonly 500 ~ 1000 yuan. According to the number of fiber tubular, can be divided into four hole is, seven holes, 9 holes were several types, etc. In general, the more number of holes that quilt mellowness, the better, the higher the permeability is also. When use after a period of time, however, hole of fibre is core structure due to the extrusion deformation, would be likely to affect the fibre is comfort. Silk quilt is made from natural silk silk by the popular choice of many families. This is because the silk has a soft breathable characteristics and advantages of close-fitting absorb sweat. We have learned, can be divided into ordinary silk, silk pig DuSi categories, etc. The pig DuSi is good varieties of silk by, the most expensive. But it should be noted is that silk by should not be in the sun insolates, otherwise it's easy to have a silk hardening phenomenon, affect the service life. Duvet duvet is a quilt, people familiar with its light weight, warmth retention property is strong. According to shop counters, now divided into goose down and duck down two duvets. Good quality duvet generally USES goose or duck neck and armpit hair. And duvet another advantage is that it is larger, the compression space easy to collect. A tip delta bedroom should choose good sleep in a relatively quiet place, avoid disturbed by the noise. Delta scientific choose berth and bedding is important condition to keep sleeping comfort. Delta during the dry season, should maintain humidity of the air chamber, when necessary to install a humidifier. Delta has certain scientific indicators: a good night's sleep sleep time, adult general 6 ~ 8 hours' sleep a night; Fall asleep easily, which is 10 ~ 20 minutes can enter shallow sleep, won't appear the phenomenon of tossing and turning; Continuous sleep, won't appear due to factors such as bad sleep disruption; Good sleep effect, there will not be sleepy during the day, or a nap.
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