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by:TONDA     2020-05-15
Question: what is the warp and weft? Answer: all kinds of fabric has a length and width, the length of the parallel to the edge is called piece length, long horse for fabric warp direction; With edge according to its width, the length of the vertical zonal width direction of the fabric. Warp yarn as warp yarn and weft yarn as weft yarn. We see at ordinary times is similar to the 60 s * 40 s fabric label means the weft and warp * said fabric of warp is 60 yarn, yarn and latitudinal is 40. Question: what is the fabric density? Answer: refers to the warp/weft density fabric density, which is 1 square inch of fabric containing the number of yarn and weft thread. Such as: 200 root yarn / 1 inch square, its warp of 110 root yarn, zonal 90 root yarn. The higher density, the lower the shrinkage of fabric, the commonly used are: plain 30 s 30 s generally has a density of 76 * 68 * and 78 * 6540 s 30 s generally has a density of 110 * 80 * 30 s and 40 s * 110 * 90 twill generally has a density of 126 * 60 30 s and 40 s * 133 * 72 satin generally has a density of 138 * 86, 133 * 95, and 140 * 9040 * 40 s s generally has a density of 140 * 10060 * 40 s s generally has a density of 173 * 12460 * 60 s s generally has a density of 172 * 143 jacquard 40 s * 40 s generally has a density of 133 * 8860 * 60 s s generally has a density of 190 * 124 questions: shrinkage is what? Answer: shrinkage is refers to the fabric after washing or flooding, the percentage of fabric shrinkage. Generally speaking, the shrinkage is the smallest fabric in the synthetic fiber and its blended fabrics, followed by wool, hemp, cotton goods center, and the largest is the viscose fiber, viscose, wool fabrics. National standard shrinkage is less than 4%, such as the quilt size is 200 * 230 cm, after washing or flooding size is 192 * 222 cm, this is in accordance with national standards. The discretion of the fabric shrinkage is also measure the condition of product quality is good or bad. It is associated with the following factors: the fabric of different raw materials, the shrinkage is different, the more easy bibulous fiber shrinkage is larger. Bibulous rate is as high as 13%, if some viscose fiber and synthetic fiber fabric moisture absorption is poor, the shrinkage is small, for viscose cotton > > terylene > polyester; Different fabric density, shrinkage is different. The lower the density, the greater the shrinkage; The fabric yarn count the thickness is different, have different shrinkage. The fabric yarn count, the more coarse, the greater the shrinkage; Fabric weaving, dyeing and printing process of different shrinkage is different also. High-grade bedding is high density fabric, and after finishing and pre tentering preshrinking processing, at the same time also set aside a proportion of shrink when sewing. Question: what is the tabby fabrics? Answer: plain weave for freely crisscross, in the process of home textiles warp yarn and weft yarn on the interwoven into a loop. As many interwoven points of plain weave, so tight and fast texture, appearance was flat, but relative to other fabrics, feel is hardened. If plain fabric density is small, the greater the length of the float line, the bending degree of small, cloth become soft, then vice feel is proofed. Also because of the interlacing point many, its float line relative to shorter, twill and satin fabric permeability is relatively less, the greater the density, permeability is the worse, so low bed is tasted often with low density of plain fabric.
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