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Quilt manufacturer reveals that four big Yin - silk by fraud Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-19
Yin recruit 1 tussah silk as a mulberry silk, in our country mainly has two kinds of silk products, one is called mulberry silk, is drawn in of silkworm cocoon silk, the silk white with yellow color, feel is exquisite, smooth, with a hint of animal fiber special smell. In this special soft and close-fitting made of silk quilt; At the same time also has a drawback, is to use after a period of time, easy to tighten the gap between silk, cause thinning of the quilt, warm effect is not good. Another kind of silk is the tussah silk, it is made of tussah cocoon production come out. Tussah wild silkworms, live mainly in the north, it is composed of artificial breeding in the wild mountains ZhaLin, it feeds on oak leaves. Compared with mulberry silk, tussah silk color is deep, the original color for a film. The color of the material a quilt, usually cannot be accepted by consumers; Therefore, in the actual production process, the tussah silk tend to use acid sealed bleaching processing chemicals, so it has certain harm to human body health. In addition, the tussah silk body contains the sericin is more, causing it to itself, feel is more rough, not smooth, gloss is dim; And tussah silk rigidity is strong, is not very close. For this reason, many manufacturers have chemical additives tussah silk to deal with the glue; More manufacturers in order to increase the luster of silk, can to silk industry, silicone oil and lard, these additives is obviously no good to the human body. And prompted some unscrupulous manufacturers the tussah silk used as mulberry silk reason is cost. It is understood that in the domestic market of mulberry silk prices continue to rise in recent years, now the best mulberry silk price has already reached 250 yuan/kg; And tussah silk as long as the price of 200 yuan/kg, more bad of the tussah silk as long as 150 yuan/kg. Since the same raw silk, so illegal manufacturers will, of course, use cheaper materials. It is reported that illegal manufacturers will not join the majority of the tussah silk in a quilt, and will be mixed in mulberry silk, the tussah silk is difficult to identify. To lay a foundation of the most common way is to use first mulberry silk, and then a layer of mulberry silk tussah silk is a layer of insulation, final reoccupy mulberry silk to wrap the above. In terms of a 2 kg of quilt, if you are using 30% of tussah silk, can reduce the cost of 140 yuan. Because of the tussah silk stronger rigidity, can enhance the quilt warmth, so are some enterprises made active use of tussah silk inclusions in mulberry silk silk quilt, and clearly labeled content ratio of the two, it is also recognized by the industry. Yin recruit 2 short silk as filament yarn with good should choose good silk, silk by the good silk to select high quality cocoons; But the cocoon quality in the actual production process is very different, the difference in the quality of silkworm cocoon silk produced by the price also differs very big. Quality of silkworm cocoon, after soaking, cooking, make the sericin full relief, made of skilled workers spare no disconnection is the only natural long fiber, the fiber can be avoided through special processing after the production of the quilt, only need to moderate drying, folding preservation can keep the shape of the before, no deformation. With defective cocoons, silk produced under Angle materials can only be short silk, this kind of silk quilt made of easy deformation, need on a regular basis for renovation. In addition, there are some short silk is made after waste silk fabric treated with broken again, its warm effect won't compare with real silk. Short silk material is mixed and disorderly, the color will have differences; Therefore, in order to keep the silk is white color, and tend to add some bleach, making silk fiber damage to natural properties such as toughness, ductility, also constitutes a threat to human health. In some factories, short silk is usually mixed in the middle of the filament, shoddy. In life, short silk silk by vendors are many in the name of the high quality silk. Yin recruit 3 take chemical fiber silk 'mixed' with the development of industrial technology, the production technology of industrial enterprises have been able to produce similar silk chemical fiber. According to introducing, this kind of fiber handle, color, softness and silk, so also is often manufacturer as silk by 'mixed'. We have learned, now the ordinary filament chemical fiber on the market price is less than 1. 20000 yuan/ton, most of the highest level of chemical fiber prices are less than 120000 yuan/ton; This price is much lower than the silk, of course, can effectively reduce the cost. Silk very good ductility, a study shows, superfine mulberry silk can withstand strong stretching force should be stronger than the diameter of the wire; At the same time, the high quality silk and good elasticity, can quickly restored after the compression. This can guarantee the quilt can relatively durable in use process, warm; And most of the chemical fiber is don't have this skill. If the inclusion in the silk chemical fiber, the quilt is relatively easy to deformation, warm effect is poorer, also seriously may cause skin irritation. Method is to still have a kind of doped fiber, the fiber Angle materials, waste silk material and silk short break to make wire together. Yin recruit 4 bedding bag as sold silk silk by the main body is silk, but it also has one of the most important parts is the quilt cover. Folded layers of silk bag into the quilt cover is the real finished product, hence the idea of someone playing the quilt cover. Their label in the quilt, 'silk by. 2. 5 kg '; But in fact the quilt silk net content is only 2 kg, and 0. 5 kg is the weight of the quilt cover. When consumer is buying, can't determine the true content of the quilt silk; So, the price of the quilt cover can also be sold silk.
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