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by:TONDA     2020-05-19
Investigation shows that about 29% of the world's population of sleep problems, residents in our country the prevalence of sleep disorders at 42. 7%. Good sleep has become a 'luxury' of modern urban life. Room temperature 20 ℃ - 23 ℃ is most appropriate when the room temperature below 4 ℃, people will feel cold; When the temperature in 8 ℃ - 18 ℃, the human body will heat outward; Room temperature more than 35 ℃, the heart would beat faster, blood circulation acceleration, which feature, sleepy easily. Indoor temperature in the 20 ℃ - during normal sleep 23 ℃ is most appropriate. At room temperature in 24 ℃ above, shallow sleep, turn over, push the quilt number increase. Room temperature below 18 ℃, the person is not easy to sleep. If the winter indoor temperature is too low, even if covered with a quilt will also feel very cold dew outside body and face, before you know it will form the curl up sleeping posture, to breathe the fresh air is very bad. Bed temperature affect morpheus quality bed temperature can cause the body sweat too much, resulting in the loss of moisture, and can make mites breeding. On the other hand, if the temperature is too low will cause the body to protect themselves, will interfere with the normal sleep, reduce the quality of sleep. The principle of which is because the human body to sleep after the parasympathetic nerve inhibition, temperature is 2 ℃ lower relatively waking around but is roughly constant, this also is many people in the late or early in the morning to wake up and feel cold life experience. Scientific research shows that the body temperature is organic since the regulator, may change with the seasons, the environment and age of adaptive adjustment. In general, the human body temperature is 32 ℃, 50% relative humidity, air velocity of 25 cm/s microenvironment of sleep the most appropriate. Under this environment, the body feels very comfortable, thus effectively prolong the deep sleep time. Create a comfortable sleep environment because the muscles of the body during sleep is in flabby condition, about a 30% decline in metabolism, the body sweat is much, the heat dissipating capacity increase of the body, hypothermia, 85 - and the human body 90% of the parts of the body will be covered by the quilt in sleep, so the choice of the quilt sleep micro environment has a great influence on the human body. South in our country, because of the humidity is bigger, easy to cause rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, conditions such as eczema, duvet is a good choice, the special structure of feather, each root hairs was full of hundreds of thousands of tiny pores, with other material that the moisture absorption of divergent function, can continuously absorb side by side of the body to release the sweat, make the body without the damp and hot feeling, keep the bed on the best sleep humidity. Europeans duvets as the treatment of arthralgia, neuralgia, diseases such as hypertension and health products.
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