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Quilt retailers to tell your bedding knowledge: what is a ground - MAO Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-12
Grinding hair products belong to a kind of functional products, is one of the printing and dyeing finishing, grinding MAO use soft, warm, comfortable bedding in the winter, the price also is higher, because wool is better, must be reactive printing. General fabric after pretreatment, Desizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, etc. ) And is very bright and clean level off, sand mill is used to wrap the MAO leather roller friction in cloth, grinding out a layer of fluff on the cloth. Grinding the types of hair there are a lot of, such as common ground, water, carbon and water brush MAO MAO MAO, etc. , MAO MAO is burning on grinding, such as common on the market all polyester several skin velvet, peach skin, Italian cotton velvet, steel mill such as lycra indiana cloth with soft nap, knitting wool grinding. 'MAO' is made of burning on grinding out. The whole process is like this: first pad cottony agent, drying after the stenter in special grinding machine for grinding, MAO MAO MAO grinding machine is better in Italy, Germany, sand grinding machine has six roller, according to the cloth on the different packages of different number of burning on, and surface roughness in high speed of the sand roller, to a certain tension, slowly through, sand cloth cover six roller friction, cloth have thick hairs. Grinding wool fabric is cotton fabric by machines and grinding emery skin friction role, formed by a qualitative change in appearance only. That is to say, in retaining the original fabric at the same time, the performance of the fabric surface to form a layer with short hairs, while giving new fabric style, which decrease the thermal conductivity of wool fabric, it adds warmth and softness, its colour and lustre, feel soft, plump and pleasing to the eye. Grinding of the wool fabric craft relatively more complicated compared with printed fabrics, first after dyeing and finishing, then through exquisite grinding process, MAO alone style. A new flower in the home textiles industry. It with, and soft, comfortable, simple sense, lubricious feeling strong, easy to care, suede wonderful new look to attract consumers, particularly in is very close, a warm, soft comfortable feeling, the color is like new, because the unique technology of grinding hair products will not fade, qualities such as pilling, much more than the average cotton cloth optimal, but also than the average weight of cotton material thick many. 【 Features 】 Let you fondle admiringly: thick soft; Using reactive dyeing and printing and dyeing, color bright, won't fade the ball; The latest Hong Kong pattern, absolute temminick; Extra large ground sheet, make your bedroom more beautiful' Washing method 】 Soak, weak washing machines wash water temperature below 30 degrees, neutral detergent, do not bleach, do not dry cleaning, ironing temperature.
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