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by:TONDA     2020-04-04
Four holes quilt, or seven holes quilts are chemical fiber products, the principle of it is to be in a chemical fibre evenly to play different number of holes, make it high in the air, the more pore permeability is better, it is easier to keep warm. Cotton by tradition, the heat generated in the human body absorbed by cotton, accumulating to discharge, cotton were finally become damp and cold. Moisture and chemical fiber not bibulous, quilt will with the discharge air in fiber, so the quilt can keep dry, this ensures the quilt will not moldy, more health. Chemical fiber after punching is very soft, shape and easier to recover. Was built over time, as long as often a flap, can return to original state, will not change hard like cotton was real. Can also use the washing machine washing, and will soon be able to dry it. China home textiles association, concerned expert points out, to buy chemical fiber is like cotton was less, don't have to go to the weight, generally at about 3 kg. Seven holes of choose and buy is the standard is divided according to the season: winter is generally applicable to indoor temperature in 4 - 12 ° C, in the spring and autumn are suitable for 12 - 22 ° C, the air conditioning is applies to more than 22 ° C. 'The four holes of different manufacturer production by quality, price has the very big difference. So if you want to buy a nice quilt, first of all depends on the brand, if I buy is seven holes, should choose and porosity with one hundred percent cotton quilt. 'Watching the content of the quilt cover. Whether the quilt cover is made of cotton, fabrics, chemical fiber filler in the quilt fabric closely to ensure no leakage. At the same time with the hand to touch, whether the quilt is very soft and smooth. Good quilts feel is smooth, a let go, it back to the same. If feel a bit sticky, suggests that filler is not one hundred percent of the fiber, fiber or of poor quality. Then put the quilt tile, look at the overall whether level off, thickness is uniform, especially the quilt whether the four sides of the nature, into a straight line. After overall review, don't ignore the sewing and stitching, because good quilt sewn straight, stitching. Experts special remind a way, 'look at the sewing way straight, straight to see moldings and uneven, had better use hand clutched the, look up the length of a few needles, change a place for herself again, see if the same pin number. 'In fact, four holes were, seven holes and 9 holes are basically the same in principle, only seven holes were and 9 hole is more mature in technology, comfort and volume is higher, but the price is more expensive.
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