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Quilt wholesale briefly - wool is make breathing sleep environment Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-15
Create 'breathing' healthy sleep environment, little of course not billed as the most close skin, breathing natural fiber - — Wool. Because of the wool protein with human skin surface layer of the same proteins, thus wool has natural close skin, use it to make the bed is tasted, nature is the four seasons all appropriate, comfortable and safe. Wool is make breathing sleep environment this wool used is the fine hair sheep, good elasticity, not easy to harden and its material quality, the price is very popular. High quality wool wool was used as raw material, after screening, cleaning, washing and disinfecting advanced processing technology, such as the wool own existence of peculiar smell, make a specific and thorough cleanup and disposal work so it has the advantages of other quilt have no - — Allergy, it is especially suitable for the elderly or asthma, no side effects, so sleep is also more comfortable. Fleece has five major advantages: 1, the increase in deep sleep: according to the authority test showed that the wool bed is tasted can lead to more than 25% of the deep sleep time, maintain smooth slow heart rate and maintain a good close to the skin of the micro environment. 2, keep dry and warm in winter and cool in summer, wool can absorb 35% of its weight in water vapor without moist, and the body in sleep when discharge a large number of moisture, wool unique molecular structure can be sucked into the structure of the porous water vapor, and quickly out of the body, stay warm dry and cold, hot air is cool, and to ensure that the best temperature close to the skin during sleep: 32. Best surface best sleep 7 degrees, and the human body temperature of 33 degrees are very similar. 3, fluffy and soft, won't harden: wool with at least 40% of the natural elasticity, wool can restore the original thickness of more than 90% after being compressed, which long elastic, soft, not harden. 4, natural fire retardant, safe and reliable: wool is touched, when combustion is not easy to release of a large quantity of heat, open flames, don't melt, and can resist blazing, so very safe. 5, electric resistance of dust, antibacterial suppression mite: because of moisture absorption is strong, not easy to generate static electricity, dust and dirt is not easy to cleave. Before releasing water vapor to the external fiber absorbs moisture to itself, reduces the life cycle of dust mites, bed is tasted so wool is very suitable for baby, asthma, rheumatism, and the elderly.
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