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by:TONDA     2020-05-10
( A) A lot of varieties, hemp hemp, ramie, flax, jute, hemp, etc. , when; Before the secret applied in fabrics is the first two. Hemp and cotton some of the same nature. 1, the moisture absorption is strong, alkali resistance is not acid. 2, good heat resistance and ironing temperature can reach 190 degrees - — 210 degrees, easy to burn. 3, the intensity is higher than that of cotton, hemp is hard, weak sex difference, fabric wrinkle easily, is harder than cotton fabric, pretty and cool. The so-called grass cloth, ramie fabrics is southerners love wearing, not close after sweating. Ramie is the best quality of hemp fibers, have cool and wet absorption, air permeability features, and higher stiffness, hard, and do not close, suitalbe for making cloth in summer. Ramie and polyester blended linen dacron, fabricated has got style. ( 2) With wool, woolen on wool fiber dosage the biggest, often referred to as wool. Longer than cotton coarse wool fiber, have certain crimp, its surface is covered a layer of scales. As a result of the existence of scales, wool to bring a special nature, namely, milling. Milling sex refers to the wool in warm water and wash water to knead, interlocking felting properties. In life cause hair products after washing shrinkage, density, milling is one of the reasons, if the scale, make its performance after the smooth level off, woolens milling will not occur. Sold on the market, therefore, machine wash woolen sweater, just after the surface treatment. Use less, slightly.
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