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by:TONDA     2020-04-09
A quilt harmonics for the rest of your life. The net friend xiao yun, Not his real name) Their hometown, a girl get married, mother will use red line to sew a few soft and comfortable bed quilt, express wishes for their children for a lifetime of happiness. But set the wedding in shijiazhuang xiao yun, I don't like old mother done for marriage too. 'Mother body is not very good, now eyes began to aging, can let her fuck snacks less buy a quilt. 'Xiao yun in shijiazhuang daily net in the BBS hair' buy what kind of quilt warm friendly, married or not? 'Ask for help, more like a letter of warmth, attracted many enthusiastic netizens are advise. It is understood that as a newly-married bedroom soft outfit ACTS the role of the thick ink pen, Chen now young married are more emphasis on quilt cover, pillowcases, bed sheets, pillows and other suite bedding of choose and buy color, styles, fabrics, to be in the 'set' tire product knowledge is less. 'In fact, is the stand or fall of tire product, is the true to determine whether a quilt breathe freely, to keep warm, close key,' spinning home textile home textile sales director said. So, shijiazhuang surface which is currently popular tire products? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the tyres? Just after the winter solstice, coincides with winter was product best-selling reporter recently visited shijiazhuang major supermarkets, department stores, home textiles, and consult the bedding professional, hope to be able to help xiao yun and are planning to get married of choose and buy new young readers to make a detailed market visit and price comparison. Is the most economic one thousand yuan of the following products sales mainstream journalists visited shijiazhuang spinning home textile home, as well as spinning enjoyed home textiles brands such as home textile, found recently of the cold rainy weather, let a lot of stores and businesses are suitable to be winter tyres product bedding monopoly area by the most prominent position. '1000 yuan of the following product has been the mainstream of sales. 'In home textiles, spinning a household bed is tasted the salesman tells a reporter, no matter what kind of material is tire products, according to the price, one thousand yuan of the following economic products has always been the mainstream of the stores and consumers to buy products. Among them, the recent emergence of the structure of the dual function such as tire has been innovative was especially popular, according to different material price is more than a few hundred yuan to thousands of yuan. 'Seal', just as its name implies is to different material and different thickness of the two beds are match to sell, can be divided into two beds are bond, can close, there are three kinds of 'combined' to buy a bed quilt cover, consumers can change with the seasons, weather, flexible adjustment of the thickness of a quilt. Professional advice: for many young graph save trouble, to buy a quilt can meet the needs of all the year round cover is, this kind of tire is one of the choice of economic and practical.
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