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by:TONDA     2020-05-20
The advantages of the flax mat is endothermic, absorb sweat, compared with straw mat and bamboo system more gentle and comfortable. Other mat under the condition of the people sweat, will paste on man, make people agitated extremely; Experiment proved that the antibacterial function of flax fiber is very strong, and the bamboo, straw mat in sweat after a long time with the mud and breeding a large number of parasites, great harm to the health of human body; Mat is soft like linen sheet, comfort is much stronger than bamboo, straw mat, can wash, easy to save, can use for a long time more than 20 years. So many advantages we all want to buy a linen mat to give it a try, but, high-quality flax mat to distinguish method do you know? Flax mat without bamboo, jade seats hard, luo, bitter cold, breathable, good health, and collect more convenient to use, unique far-infrared promote body circulation, relieve muscle tension. Flax mat brand diversity, people also want to know flax oh some linen mat mat method of identification for the manufacturers to reduce costs or make up for the shortage of the production techniques, the use of viscose fiber instead of flax fiber, some products and chemical fiber content more than 70% or more. This product is easy to deceive the eyes of the consumer in the market. When buying, you can use the following four kinds of methods to identify flax mat of authenticity. 1, the method of observation the flax knitting product, pervious to light irradiation can see cloudy, sometimes also can find a small amount of hemp particles. 2, touch pure flax knitting products feel cool, have hung heavy feeling, a slight wrinkle tight grip. 3 take a bit of flax fabric yarn, combustion method, its combustion, such as the smell of burning paper, ashes and delicate white gray, is proved to be a proper; And chemical fiber fabric generally have excitant odour after combustion, ash spherical. 4, visual quality of pure flax knitting products, grain clarity natural close-grained, resistant to strong tension, natural soft fabric surface gloss. Chemical fiber bright luster. Through the introduction, you can choose to suit their own linen mat reassuring brand have a cool and comfortable summer!
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