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by:TONDA     2020-04-06
Overall size is larger, home textile market in China by 2017 is expected to exceed 220 billion yuan, but compared to foreign in home textiles consumption per capita and total textile consumption scale has room to improve further. For home textile enterprise brand, after nearly five years of industry trough, is macro economic recovery, terminal consumer recovery and rise of the middle helped usher in the new round of growth: young middle rise and three or four line consumption upgrade is expected to bring home textile consumption habits change, to improve the quality of replacement frequency and high product demand, at the same time, the current demand is expected to remain stable upward move and wedding, and the development of a hotel and rent the market is expected to bring new demand. In the high-end competition accelerate improvement, leading edge is gradually highlighting the overall market concentration of China's textile industry is less than 10%, but in the high-end market share is expected to have up to 30 - CR5 city 40%, in the current consumption idea and the supply side of the channel shrinkage caused by the change, has formed the brand scale barriers leading advantages are highlighted. First further clearing, under pressure from environmental protection small and medium-sized textile enterprises under the background of the rising cost of raw materials leading to borrow brand scale advantage is expected to raise prices stable profitability; The channel is offline channel adjustment under the brand enterprise scale advantage more highlights, 2 it is with the development of electricity into the brand consumption stage, the improvement of the high-end home textile enterprises in line layout is expected to further accelerate the concentration increase. International comparison: deep main increase market share and diversified layout molded leading from the international comparison, foreign leading home textile enterprises are still relatively few pure home textile business operations, often engaged in furniture, clothing and other diversified business. Industry development from abroad to see the high market share of home textile company does exist, but is limited by the country market, ceiling limit the high-growth for a long time, and China's domestic market itself is very big, enough to support the occurrence of two or three industry leading; Second, the diversification of the layout is largely due to home textile products after purchase rate is low, and in consumption in the process of costume is relative, lead to the drainage ability is limited, so through the transformation of layout can satisfy the consumers one-stop shopping household demand more homes, the home textile enterprise with capital and internal advantages in domestic market, is now also have a layout. Investment advice: recovery industry bibcock, focus on brand textile company investment opportunities in China home textile market in macro economic recovery, terminal consumer recovery and rise of the middle background, industry as a whole is expected to usher in a new round of development. Industry structure at the same time in the past few years have also improved in the industry reshuffle, leading the company's brand and channel scale advantage in the industry recovery is expected to further highlight, upstream and downstream have bargaining power, to some extent during the 17 years since the second half of the price increase is expected to achieve stable gross margin level and even the steady upward; And long-term future with the capital strength in all the layout is expected to set up the first mover advantage. The current leading company valuations at historically low levels, a few people spinning industry recovery trend under the background of establishing leading premium is expected to gradually appear.
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