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by:TONDA     2020-05-19
( A) , polyester ( Dacron) Is one of the fastest growing in the current chemical fiber. Commonly known as dacron. It is made of spun silk fabrics are supple posture gauze, Julie yarn, scarlet silk, and close to summer market popular with the ladies of the so-called 'yarn material', and so on. Dacron polyester and cotton blended said cotton ( Cotton polyester) Temperature, and wool blended wool, and flax spinning for MaDi etc. , its characteristic: has the feeling of hot, airtight, dyeing, friction belt after static, dust collection, but less prone to shrinkage, easy to wash, fast drying. ( 2) , polyamide fiber ( Nylon, nylon, card drugs) Commonly known as nylon, nylon, drugs, such as its characteristics: good elasticity, high strength, high wear resistance, light fastness is poorer, yellowing easily in the sun is often used in socks, gloves, knitted sportswear, etc. ( 3) , acrylic, The nylon, cashmere nylon, X-ray nylon) With fluffy, soft, warm, features such as qualitative light, price is cheap, bright color and high degree, mould cavity, after washing not very hot, and so on. Suitable for autumn and winter clothing fabrics, such as acrylic sweater, spinning fur coat, and a blanket, and so on. ( 4) , whalen ( Coke vinylon yarn, nylon, nylon) After whalen and cotton blended, become the domestic market once popular d cotton nylon cloth. Whalen fabrics like cotton, synthetic fiber in nature is the most close to the cotton fiber, as a result of whalen in less used in the clothing in our country, and more used in bedding, so not much is introduced. ( 5) , viscose, its raw material is a natural substance, such as wood, bamboo, cotton linter, bagasse, spinning fiber is also called the rayon, the fabrics are as follows: beautiful, artificial satin, silk, rich in the summer of spinning yarns, wool, etc. Its features are as follows: 1, hygroscopicity, flammable. 2, the surface is smooth and soft. Viscose fabric drapability is bigger than cotton and linen, suitable for skirt and all kinds of fabric, in the material. ( 6) , vinegar ( Ester, acid) Fiber ( D) Its mostly appear in the style of silk, except for fabric, also used to do in the material, etc. ( 7) , spandex ( Marley when, lycra) Like glue only high elasticity, so also called elastic fibers. Replace rubber can be used, but the price is more expensive. 1, high elasticity, with other high elastic fiber, less than, good wear resistance. 2, in the cold wind and snow or the sun face without losing its elasticity.
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