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Quilts processing factories: correct selection of bedding - size Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-05
Abstract: comfortable sleep environment can be achieved to relax, relieve fatigue effect. There are many factors which can decide whether bed comfortable, one of them is bedding bag and the size of the quilt. This is when the choose and buy bed is tasted suite is an important problem, spinning music home textiles bedding experts for you to interpret how to correctly choose size bed is tasted. Conventional size: first introduce bedding points in three categories: 1. Single ( Children) , 2. Double common specifications, 3. Double increase the specifications. And then to look at the size of the quilt. This is very important, because the sheets can be larger, smaller, is not important, just drop some few more difference, but the quilt cover if it is too big or too small, the quilt in the bedding bag will be for a group or bedding bag in the cover of vacant. 1. Single ( Children) Sheet: 200 * 230 cm bedding bag: 150 * 200 * 200 cm or 160 cm ( This size for adult summer is appropriate, but was used in winter will often feel drafty oh your feet. Adult winter of a single size is best choose 180 * 220 cm spinning of home textiles or 180 * 210 cm, bedding bag size had better be the same size or slightly larger, such as: 200 * 230 cm. ) Pillowcase: 48 cm (74 * Inner diameter) ( 2) only Usually the more expensive kind of child bed 4 times contain a pillowcase and a pillow. The size of the pillow is usually 45 * 45 cm or 50 * 50 cm ( Refers to the inner diameter) 2. Double normal specifications: sheet: 230 * 250 * 250 * 250 cm or 250 cm or 245 cm ( The size of the tiny differences mainly depends on the fabric manufacturers use what is the width. For example, if the fabric width is 235 cm, the sheet if it is the whole picture, the two sides and only can be 230 cm, the other is the length of the two sides decided casually) Bedding bag: 200 * 230 cm, pillowcases, 48 cm (75 * Inner diameter) ( Two) And can be used for 1 of this specification. 5 meters can also be used to 1. 8 meters bed. In sheet for 230 * 250 cm 4 times as an example, the shop is on 1. 5 meters bed, each side drop 50 cm, bed top 30 cm. 245 * 250 cm on both sides is 50 cm, the foot of the bed 45 cm. Generally the size of the sheets will be rounded design, otherwise there will be two Angle of drag on the ground. Similarly, in the 1 of 230 * 250 size. 8 meters bed, is 35 cm, on each side bed top 30 cm. For this size 1. 8 meters bed are appropriate depending on you to choose the size of the quilt. If it is 200 * 230, is a very suitable; If it is 220 * 240 or other size, is about to choose specifications. 3. Double increase specifications: bed sheet, bedding bag 220 * 240 * 270 cm to 240 cm pillowcase 48 cm (74 * Inner diameter) ( Two) Bedding for the sheets of this size is larger, so generally used only for 1. 8 * 2 m or more wide bed. 4. Modern family bed general specification: single bed size is 1. 2 m * 2 m or 1. 35 m * 2 m double bed size is 1. 5 m * 2 m or 1. 8 m * 2 m ( Of course some old people old double bed size is 1. 35 * 2 m) 。
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