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Quilts processing factory belt you know spring problem that should be paid attention to bask in the quilt Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-17
In this sunny spring, bask in the quilt is the best time to housewives. But the quilt of different drying method and the storage method is not the same, otherwise it will be because of improper drying method and the tabernacle of the coming year to spend money to buy a new again! This year's boom wool was never like quilts to exposure, can wash? Of course can be washed, but must be dry. Wool is the only downside is that easy living bacteria, so water after drying, bask in the warm sun for an hour, fitted with non-woven fabric store content bag to save, can be anchored to the summer. Duvet and silk by the two quilts & comforters biggest characteristic is light, the same can't wait for the sun can only hide in the shade, at the same time they also afraid of squeezed, if improperly stored next year the quilt is not warm. 2 - if you are using Three years had better go to a dry cleaners dry cleaning oh, this silk by, duvet is more durable, also need not fear the problem such as worms! Chemical fiber is the most common is the most common, believe that every family has at least the quilt. Because of the common, thus making it not precious, maintenance and storage also is not so exquisite, can insolate can flap can be compressed storage, not only is not washed, maintenance of its formula 'four can not'. Every time drying the quilt must program - — Pat always recalled childhood memories. Quilt warm effect is strong, so in many challengers in efforts to adhere to, because of its strong so vacuum receive, no special requirements, the place such as bed ark dry place to store it. How to deal with the breath of winter was improper preservation take? Is very simple, can taste not big sun, if sun cannot go taste will take it to the dry cleaner washing, can eliminate bacterium can go to taste. Can be added in the preservation of activated carbon bag, it can keep dry degree of the quilt.
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