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by:TONDA     2020-05-20
Methods: 1. Open the zipper check silk appearance: high quality silk as milky, slightly yellow silk surface is downy burnish, not black, not hair acerbity, silk long after the marks on the surface of silk, internal yuan flocculent clouds of silk. 2, combustion method to identify the purity of silk: lighting, stank of animal protein burning, burning after become a wildfire color powder. 3 the inferior silk, silk produced in industrial production and waste, can produce into silk flocculus ( Commonly known as broken silk) , made of silk by, its weight is large and poor flexibility, easy to harden and damp and health condition is very poor, use comfortable. 4, silk quilt can maximize the silk by the loose and comfortable, made of special production process to ensure silk by not rolling clouds and out of the hole, do not need to renovation. Now the quilt species variety, but not before in different users to subdivide. However, the author found in shopping malls and supermarkets in hangzhou, a new type of silk by the use of different people, men and women, old and young can according to their own situation, respectively.
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