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by:TONDA     2020-05-20
By now, a lot of people like to buy wool, think it will be warm, but there is a very serious problem, that is: wool was run MAO? If you are faced with the same confusion, with a look at the following solution. Wool is run MAO? Wool cloth is why run? That's because wool is material - - - - - - - - - - - - - Wool. High quality wool was, after washing, degreasing, carbonization, carding processing into a quilt of the bladder, then add high count and high density pure cotton cloth is made. Some domestic wool used packaging cotton showerproof cloth material on the outside of the cotton fabric is the concept of a layer of paste, so as to achieve the effect of the rain. But this kind of fabrics of cotton knits is below 30 * 30 international standard, so need to hang pulp. This kind of fabric is characteristic of noise is bigger, and shrink after washing and wrinkling. And slurry is a kind of chemical product, in the environmental protection consciousness is very strong in Australia have not used a few years ago. Because of this, many people find their purchase of wool were run MAO phenomenon. Suggest you to buy non-woven fabrics, do a big pocket, pack in the tire, there are many kinds of non-woven fabric, you are buying 'cloth, zipper, buckle' place to buy, you have to pick the one that do lining with and without glue, 1 meter without a few dollars, you with the shop assistant said he knew, in addition, you also pick up the non-woven on the light see the density, the varieties to choose it. You know, currently on the market all kinds of down jacket is light and soft, not don't drill hair thick fabrics, because there is a non-woven fabric hair pocket. Wool much feather honesty, it is no good to choose, then you to processing down jacket directly buy in the store. Wool is run MAO? Experience sharing: 1, change not to drop hair wool is, or there are or other hair. 2, in the quilt. 3, add a quilt. 4, don't cover with quilt son. Wool is how to maintain the best? A. The maintenance of 1 in the process of use. From the packaging, in the air 2 - Yang 3 hours, and pat the quilt, quilt will restore elasticity. 2. Please add quilt cover and housing, and interval of a week or so in the sunny time to dry. At 10:00 am to 3 PM shade is the best, and the air is 2 hours. 2. After use, maintenance of 1. Deposit before, in the sunny air 4 - 5 hours, wait for the quilt cool again after folding. 2. The 2 - 3 solids to pest control, such as wool, the coat after a plastic bags sealing, please placed in a dry place. 3. The quilt, when stored in the weight of avoid by all means.
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