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by:TONDA     2020-04-09
a user from a furniture store to buy a set of sofa, look from the appearance, users to buy the sofa itself: wood sponge cloth, but in essence, users to buy is the product of efficacy and solutions: can sit can lie, warm and comfortable, especially in the difficult to derive happiness from the material today, users to buy more is 'beautiful happy with taste,' the spirit of joy, this is the culture of the brand. people like scattered pearls, go anywhere, culture is the root of weak and strong thread, and will become a social beads to wear. When civil society is no longer dependent on or divine right to consolidate its imperial power base, culture became the most important adhesive civil society. In 2017 the latest home textile cloth art sofa - — Spinning music home textile cloth art expert for graph, home textiles, an enterprise, a brand. Coca-Cola brand culture from another way to create a kind of American culture and American spirit. For many americans, 'Coca-Cola is in a bottle of the American dream'. For far in the American home, when he saw the local Coca-Cola brand, almost like a got a return ticket, very kind. This is the charm of culture, as the philosopher Nietzsche once said: 'when the baby stand up for the first time, you will find that made him stand up is not his body, but his mind. 'Here, can make the brand, the enterprise in an impregnable position, is the enterprise and the brand of the mind - — Culture. Furniture industry has a brand, starting in 1994, will lock brand core values on the 'happy household culture'. From the brand origin story to the song 'butterfly flower' brand; From 2006, the introduction of the slogan of 'meet happiness, meet spinning home textile', in 2009 to promote slogan 'happiness dependent spinning home textile'. For the past 23 years happiness culture deduced to get incisively and vividly, over the years, opened more than 130 stores across the country, has a great relationship with its brand culture. enterprise culture, one of the most important is to 'make one hundred household brand', from the top design brand culture architecture in one hundred. Brand to sustainable development in one hundred will not for short, will provide the high quality cost-effective products, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility is also a powerful guarantee. Insist to do enterprise citizen 23 years, efforts to participate in social public welfare charity. is possessed of such corporate culture, each spinning le home textile talent will in time on the node of the steady and fast running.
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