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by:TONDA     2020-05-18
This season, so enjoy, comfortable enough. Just, recently widely on weibo: 'Kingston university study shows that allegedly originated from Britain, not bask in 3 months, 6 million mite to sleep with you. 'The thought of every night, there are 6 million mite accompanied, do you still sleep? 3 months not bask in quilt, really breeds millions of mite bug? A quilt, three months without sun, really breeds 6 million mite bug? The doctor did experiments, chengdu is not alarmist. Hangzhou dermatologists also said, often bask in quilt, can kill mites, but bask in quilt, but not just sun that simple, there are still a lot cultured. While today hangzhou sunshine also force, quickly according to the doctor's advice, sun is science, kill mites. Quilt cover for a month breeding one million mite three months not bask in the quilt, will breed 6 million mite bug? This can't counted. However, 2 people's hospital dermatological department of inspection personnel, conducted an experiment, confirms: half a year not bask in the quilt, mites; Three months not to make any air to bask in the quilt of processing, the number of mites will increase a lot. Inspectors found a bed quilt, 2 long. 2 m, 2 m wide, with a total area of 4. 4 square meters. The bed quilt, half a year ago after a sun, is stored into the wardrobe. During the last month, continuous use, no air is basked in. Through technical means, inspection personnel to measure, the bed quilt per square centimetre has three mite. The implied, the surface of the whole bed quilt, there are 13. Article 20000 the mites. If the quilts & comforters 10 cm the thickness of the preliminary divided into 10 square section, so the whole bed quilt in possession of at least 1. 32 million mite. The inside of the quilt mite, more than the surface. Mites breeding and breeding speed to speculate that three months without any air to bask in the quilt of processing, breeding 6 million mite, should not alarmist. Quilt bask in two consecutive days, the best that he can thoroughly kill mites on the quilt, in fact, to reduce the mites on the quilt, method is very much. Hangzhou three hospital dermatology Shen Hong said the doctor, two of the most simple, one is in the sunshine, the second is to ventilation. However, shen said the doctor, bask in quilt, look be like simple, actually also is to have cultured very much. Sunlight ultraviolet ray, although the sterilization ability, but the seepage force is not strong. So, want to kill mites, quilt bask in two consecutive days or more, the best sun today, tomorrow to bask in the sun. Sun, the face of positive and negative of the quilt to bask in, alternately to thoroughly dry, kill mites. In addition to the sunshine, ventilation is also very important. Mites likes living in warm humid environment. So, the north is dry, mite is relatively less, in the south of hangzhou, air humidity is big, mite is much, during the spring and autumn especially humidity is bigger. Immediately after getting up in the morning, it is best not to fold the quilt, the physical contact with the side, turned, spread out on the bed, and then open the Windows of the house, for ventilation, the humidity drop down quilts & comforters, because the air humidity below 60%, the mite can't live. It doesn't matter no sunshine air-conditioning electric blanket heater can also kill mites bask in quilt, kill mites, everyone knows. However, shen said the doctor, but at home there many 'mite hotbed', has been neglected. Dr Shen to city to three patients with analysis of the hospital to see dermatologist, mattress ( The mattress decoration) Mite, on not less than the quilt, but a lot of citizens often bask in the quilt, forget mattresses and pillows, sofa, Sofa decorate rendering) Cushion, cushion, carpet, Decorate carpet) And so on, are often air is basked in. Sunshine is not enough, but also often wash. Wash, had better add a little detergent, washing, and exposure. Dry bedding, also can restrain the growth of the mites. Dr Shen still reminds, the weather is getting cold, warm a lot of families are going to open air conditioning. Before air conditioning, be sure to clean the filter in the air conditioning, there is also a mite of 'home'. If meet with continuous rainy days, is there a way to deal with mites. Shen said the doctor, because the mites afraid afraid of light, people can put a quilt out, warm to open air conditioning, use electric blanket, using oil heater and heater, let dry up in the home, it can kill mites. As for weibo said, after drying the quilt to keep some sun fragrance, is actually a mite was the smell of the roast. Shen the doctor not sure, because of mite composition is mostly water, so even if the sun baked the, general won't produce any smell.
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