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by:TONDA     2020-05-21
There always is a good bask in the quilt 'the flavor of the sun', the taste of the sun some, tens of thousands of mite bug to be burned. Want to share with you all night mite, do you feel horrible and disgusting? Many well known, the human body in continuous discharge gas in the metabolism and sweat, especially in bed. In these gases and sweat, contains a large number of harmful objects such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, acetone, if you don't often washing bedding, where you sleeping at ordinary times will be polluted by these harmful ingredients, which affects health. But that is only part of the damage to health, harm to human body's largest, are some of the harmful parasitic in the bedding, tiny organisms, especially the mites. Mite is a tiny arthropods, the human eye is not easy to find them. Mites in the human body falls off the shoes and some secretion is given priority to, a person will fall off a grams a day scurfy, secretion is greater than the amount of this. Mite does not enter the human body is a living and lead to disease, its metabolites, such as from the epidermis, secretion, excrement and urine is the true allergic source. These things adhesion on bedding, sheets and other bedding, not easy to be found, if not be cleaned in time, will cause harm to people's health. Dermatology experts say: the quilt as long as the sun clean idea also is a kind of psychological comfort. Even really have a sunny weather, ultraviolet disinfection limited role, cannot do the quilt in the growth of mites. Because mite mainly in bed surface, drying the quilt will only make the mites to quilt inside drill, which USES hand slapping quilt cover, will only shoot a mite of bodies and waste into powder, which increases the allergy source. Quilts processing plants to remind the general public, therefore, must find a way to periodically clean sheets, antibacterial antibacterial.
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