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Quilts processing factory tell you quilt health - how to use Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-18
Bedding is every family can use, but a lot of people for bedding is not very understanding, and then take the quilt, some people think winter quilts & comforters thicker would be better, because of the warm, but it's not, it is very important to the choice of the quilt, bedding manufacturers below together with you to learn about it from a medical point of view, the quilt is too thick can make the bed temperature, speed up metabolism, sweat sticky can make blood concentration after discharge, thereby increasing the risk of cardioascular congestion. The quilt too little sleep may make people feel unease. So according to individual condition, such as whether there is a mite allergy, asthma, cold heat sensitivity to choose suitable products. So, is there a meet the requirements of the above these good quilt? Common quilt with nine holes are currently on the market, such as 10 hole by fibre is, relatively high end points have duvets, fleece, such as silk, different material function. Deep sleep is also a 'duvet lightsome, wool was warm, the silk by air' is an advantage, deep sleep is also wash can be basked in vacuum is received, the feather, wool, silk by traditional is not washing. Say that deep sleep has been is the most advanced in the class of intelligent products, use 5 years not deformation, particularly high cost performance. We all know that generally more quilt especially thick quilt for the winter sun, at least, in turn, left for a period of time every day. That is for night absorb human body moisture and exhaust fumes, can guarantee the health of body and health, for the skin and body temperature has great benefits. Not beautiful also be frightened by this trouble, do not fold the quilt is why every day a lot of people do not have to wet.
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