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by:TONDA     2020-05-21
Cotton is every family necessities, high-quality pure cotton cotton is natural and comfortable, personal warmth, can greatly promote the health of human body to sleep. Winter passed, people have been changed into the cool spring, home to see a thick quilt, once head, how to 'disposition' them? Flow sweat when we sleep at ordinary times, more than our own imagination, get up and fold the quilt, it will make the moisture in the quilt can't release, so, wake up the quilt is put aside for a moment and then fold will be better. In addition, the cotton is durable, we must pay attention to fold the method. Don't begin with long side initially, but should fold two width together first, and then cross breaks in the past. This batt burden lighter, quilt is also more durable. In the use of cotton quilt cover on bedding bag, to ensure that the cotton by fiber thickness. If the core is defiled, remember with a damp cloth dipped in neutral soap can wipe away the stain. Cotton is every half a month to make it in the sun, to restore it fleeciness feeling. When drying the quilt is always think a lot of people like slapping cotton so just beat out all the dust, but it is a big mistake, a lot of cotton was all can not stand pat, cotton by fibrous stubby fragile, lead to fracture deformation of cotton was also will follow after flap, finally will be difficult to restore fleeciness feeling. So the quilt away, and how to place? Quilts are heavier, so people's habits are usually put the quilt in the lower level of wardrobe, but that the quilt is not good. The lower than the upper half of the cabinet can mess with moisture, in order to moistureproof, or put the quilt in the upper of the cabinet is better, and the lower can put more resistant to wet pad is. Also it is best to quilt when putting on, if put a quilt on the bottom, quilt easy compression and lose flexibility.
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