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Quilts processing factory tell you: 'warm' quilt - is drying out Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-07
The quilt of wanted us to play to the role of the largest, leave the warm sunshine, bask in a quilt can bring the most warm to himself and his family feel the most comfortable sleep. The cold in the winter season, the quilt to be our biggest source of warmth. So, how to hang a quilt? Spinning small make up for your resolution, will be 'warm' all dried out. 'Warm' quilt is drying out of winter sunshine time is short, the best drying time is 11 PM to 2 PM, usually cotton fiber three four hours in the sun will reach a certain degree of inflation, has received very good drying effect, quilt don't drying time is too long, otherwise it will lead to cotton fiber shortening lead to fall off, quilt warmth retention property will be discounted. Another silk were after exposure to break down the protein in the material composition, produce the consequences, such as discoloration is cracked they just put in dry ventilated place out one or two hours. The average person in the habitual pat pat bask in quilt, fu Anna home textiles think this is wrong. Especially but cotton fiber thick, short, very fragile, if flap forcibly with the stick will make the fiber breakage ran into a dusty cotton dust; A quilt made of synthetic fiber, because the material is fine and long, easy to deformation, once the flap, fiber squeeze harden into rocks can no longer recover; Duvets, more can't beat, or feather fracture into tiny dust 'feather', heat preservation effect inevitably affected. Because indoor is cold in winter, the quilt to often take out to dry, rare winter warm sun, more let a person have the urge to elaborate the quilt in the sun. Generally speaking, when the air is the best was face to the sunshine and protect the quilt cover material, and secondly let stopped by direct contact with sunlight to receive the best dry effect. If you consider the dust fall too much, used to put the quilt cover, should be covered by the surface a layer of thin cloth, protection, especially the chemical fiber fabric quilt not high temperature baking.
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