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by:TONDA     2020-05-17
The quilt wet wet? In addition to bask in the quilt, do more convenient, the disposable anti-virus sterilization in addition to mites. Cotton is cotton is natural and healthy, comfortable and warm, the price also is very friendly, especially suitable for people with sensitive skin easily. But also because of its natural, cotton was not only attract people, also easy to attract moth and mildew, also is the most easy to moisture absorption. Cotton was at home, need to often go to bad breath. Methods: after eating snacks at ordinary times, bought new clothes, new shoes and socks the desiccant inside don't throw, put them in the folded quilt, put a few of their favorite soap, quilt smell disappeared after a few days ~ desiccant and soap scattered open, as far as possible put it one layer at a time, in less than a few, neither waste effect is good. Silk by silk are rich in protein, soft close skin, also not easy mite, so silk quilt is love beautiful lady household is preferred. But silk is used for a long time will be after the smell, r. expensive silk by to care, don't take out the sun! Methods: silk can't long time under the sun, or ultraviolet light will make the protein woven silk is more and more fragile, after exposure of silk by less warm instead. Pity is expensive silk by, eliminate peculiar smell the most simple instead. Only on a clear day, put it in a cool air vents can be a bug, after an hour or two, can remove surface of peculiar smell. Conditional word, last a few days, don't have to worry about a quarter. Duvet duvet fluffy soft, warmth retention property is strong, is the first choice for many people in the winter to keep warm. But feather smell itself is bigger, need to often go, drying for a period of time no matter, there will be heavy animal hairs. If meet with continuous cloudy, what to do? Methods: cloudy tried to duvet to taste, just ready to lemon slices and watering can. The lemon slices in a watering can, add some water, forcibly shake, prepare a bottle of lemonade. Just put the duvet to the ventilated place flap forcibly, spray on the modulation of lemonade, after a night after air can easily eliminate peculiar smell. Fiber is belong to synthetic products, moderate warmth retention property, and relatively cheap price, itself is not easy to incur moth, peculiar smell, so now more and more home home textiles manufacturers produce a lot of fibre is. But fibre is easy to store, the smell is also easy to long mite, to give the fibre is to taste? Methods: if fibre is infected with the peculiar smell, best cleaning seriously. Use neutral detergent or soap water to clean the quilt, reoccupy dry after washing machine dehydration can eliminate peculiar smell. Fibre is the core is made of synthetic fibre stuffing, can use water for cleaning detergent, soap, body won't appear the irreversible damage.
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