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Quilts processing factory to teach you qiao bask in quilt sleeping good health - that divide mite Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-09
Have the taste of sunshine, the quilt will let you sleep more soundly at night. But now the city high-rise buildings, dense floor spacing to bask in the quilt become a luxury. Sunrise of the house can also to air the quilt idea, but in the shadow of the room, is more difficult. In fact, the change of the sun of the day is rule-based, we might as well learn from sunflower, chasing the sun the quilt. Room facing east - — If 10 o 'clock in the morning sun room facing east, lying in bed can meet every day the first ray of sunshine. Ten o 'clock in the morning, is the best season in the sun, if you have the balcony can direct drying, two to three hours can reach the effect; If not, can spread the quilt on the bed, as far as possible let sunshine on top. The room of the western - — At 4 o 'clock in the afternoon sun if west room, may choose to bask in the quilt in the afternoon. In general, the sun at 4 PM will be concentrated in the west, but there is no strong at noon, the sun's uv rays can bask more for a while. The room was toward the north - — Outdoor sun rarely see the sun toward the north room, if possible, can put a quilt on the floor outside the open air, and spread a layer of cloth in a quilt, in case of dust fall on the quilt. When you receive the quilt, don't pressed against dust and mite bug to allergic reactions, just gently with a soft brush to brush it again. The room facing south - — At 11 am to 2 PM sun room facing south sunlight longest, at 11 am to 2 PM is the best time to bask in the quilt. As long as the weather is fine, you should let the quilt bask in the sun. Research has shown that even clean quilts, three consecutive months without sun, also can cause a large number of mites. If often bask in quilt, not only to destroy harmful microorganisms, still can make cotton stretch fleeciness, cover more warm and comfortable. What need reminds is, wool was not in the sun insolates, ventilated place, such as hanging on the balcony for 1 hour, otherwise it will make the oil change, produce peculiar smell. Dry chemical fiber quilts, best cover layer of cotton. If in the rainy day, quilt wet, cold, can with blower blows, although not the sun, but also can make you feel warm.
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