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Quilts processing factory to tell you the choose and buy of duvets - maintenance and distinguish method Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-21
Pieces according to the types of duvet is core of choose and buy. Duvet is core with white goose down, grey goose down, duck down, grey duck down, geese and ducks mixed wool and wool etc, downcontent at between 15% and 70%, respectively. One of the best quality is goose down, its velvet, feather small terrier, good quality, flexibility, warmth retention property is strong, the second is the duck down, is a flower, feather terrier is worse than goose down here, but a high quality, flexibility and warm HuaiDou. Goose and duck mixed top general, poor elasticity, but the warmth retention property is good, and crushed velvet processing, because it is rushes elasticity and warmth retention property is poor, there are powder, the less quality. Mixer based on fabrics of choose and buy duvet. Duvet fabrics have imitation velvet and taffeta, nylon coated wire cloth, etc. The imitation wool colour and lustre is not fresh, but the economic benefit; Taffeta bright color, color variety, can be chosen by the respective love, strong nylon coated wire cloth, because the plastic coated, warmth retention property. S duvet choose derive a press: duvet relax smooth, to restore its natural three minutes, reoccupy hand press the quilt, tying the hand, if you can rebound soon recover, is the best. Has two touch: touch pinch try its soft degree, whether full or too little rushes greater than thick long feather, feather tube, etc. Such as soft and full of small feather is authentic products. Has three: flap forcibly quilt, see any dust overflow, dust overflow quantity is less, the better. Knead has four: with both hands rubbing the quilt, if there are any plush drill, its fabric is imitation velvet, unfavorable choose and buy. Has five smell: close to take a deep breath duvet several times, no peculiar smell is best. Has six phase modulation: ok one weighed down with the hand, watch the size of the volume and weight of the light volume, the bigger the better. Maintenance of 1 s duvet. When using, should set of bedding bag, if have defiled, duvet should send dry cleaners dry cleaning, and general fiber can be directly machine wash. 2. Fabric is treated with down-proof duvets, there is a little small holes will be drilled down, so be careful when using, avoid sharp thorns cut the quilt. 3. Choose the good weather, the quilt hanging in a well ventilated and no direct sunshine place to dry, 10 o 'clock in the morning to 3 PM is the best time. The distinction between s duvet down as natural material, have duck down, down, main quality indexes for downcontent. More than 50% of the country's average real HanRong for quality duvets, feather fleeciness softness, warmth retention property, good hygroscopicity, rapid developing a is close to ideal winter bedding. S duvet twist dry after washing with water to soak duvets, and then into the soap water for 10 minutes about 50 ℃, take on board pat down, then scrub with the brush. If on the oil dirties, can sprinkle a little stone, after the brush, water net dry, pat flat, pay attention to the rubbing of avoid by all means.
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