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Quilts processing factory to tell you the most easy to be ignored in the process of domestic outfit - six details Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-09
One, design of light source in the bedroom, prior to installation of lamps and lanterns should have the concept of the main light source and auxiliary light source. Refers to the main light specifically for a certain local lighting of the space, such as reading lamp, floor lamp, table lamps, wall decoration lighting lamp and so on. And auxiliary light source, is almost every room the central location of the headlight. When a lot of people in the home, decorate household not the concept. Second, the quality of the line that play a base line that play a base in addition to its ability to protect the walls, on the proportion of household beautiful have quite proportion. Is the home ground of contour line, the line of sight often naturally fall on it. Modelling beautiful, the line that play a base, with delicate do manual work often can have the effect of dot eyeball, for your home. But, the line that play a base, also is often the place where the people despise. Ever seen some decorate house, design, construction all don't see what is bad, but just feel the overall effect is not very good, eyes uncomfortable, finally found, all because of rough play crural line seriously affect the effect of cheap. Three, mural ark installation process embedded wardrobe or other embedded in the wall cabinet, the benefits of both increased space (inside the cabinet Can be indomitable spirit) And appear cabinet put oneself in another's position is concise, easy. It should be noted that lay the ground of the cabinet and cabinet on the side of the wall must be horizontal and vertical. Otherwise, when install the cabinet, can be hard to deal with aperture, barely fill the gap, have distorted vision, seem to be very rough, process not careful, the effect will sell at a discount greatly, a set of expensive closet, these small details will be destroyed. Also, if is sliding door, uneven ground, also can cause sliding door is not fit to shut down. So, to install the part of the mural ark, ground and wall body strictly to ensure the horizontal and vertical. Fourth, the rules of floor drain floor drain drainage is lower than the ground, it is often overlooked, and it is not easy to transform. So, be sure to decorate worker reminds, floor drain drainage must be below the ground, in order to avoid every time stand out of the shower after 'shui manjin hill' phenomenon. Five, caulking agent strength when decorate, we usually use white cement powder caulking, but its bond strength and water proofing property is poor, or encounter cold thermal cracks will occur after dehydration, the floor tile water seepage, in addition, white cement paste in fastness and caulking agent is better than good hardness, and ability to resist color is filled seam an agent. Suggest that consumers in domestic outfit, had better choose caulking agent. Six, glass glue mouldproof glass glue is the most humble home outfit process, mainly used in cabinets, sanitary ware and other repair with seam. If you use the glass glue quality is bad, over a period of time will appear the phenomenon of black, yellow. Suggested that domestic outfit during glass glue buy mouldproof product.
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