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Quilts processing factory to tell you what kind of mat is more suitable for baby? Six common mat comparison of advantages and disadvantages Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-21
1, straw mat rush, rush, herba kalimeridis woven, material is qualitative soft, cool degree is low, suitable for the elderly, frail people use. Infants and young children also had better sleeping mat, because their body temperature adjustment function is weak, poor adaptability of hot and cold, bamboo is often easy to catch a cold. A big disadvantage is easy long mite mat. Daily used of straw mat will be stained with sweat and dust, wash with warm water before you go to sleep to wipe. New mat before using, had better be in the sun insolates, repeatedly pat several times, and then wipe the dust with warm water, then dry in the shade. In the second year to use old straw mat, want to use disinfectant wipes it again. 2, bamboo, bamboo cold sex is big, old person, child and man with a weak constitution should not be used, suitable for the young people. When bamboo of choose and buy should see whether slub long and flat, texture is soft and tough. Mat bamboo to keep the bed board is flat and level, in order to avoid damage. Bamboo is unfavorable and exposure, otherwise it will become fragile. Had better use warm water to wipe every night before going to bed, so can make bamboo more cool. 3, the mat the mat is to use high-tech to natural vegetation through crushing, drying, mouldproof, sterilization, wire drawing processing, woven straw mat. Its characteristic is that can be washed and iron, and processed, not moldy, can put them with the bedding and clothing; Because after sterilization, the straw mat generally will not induce allergies, young and old all can use, and the mat permeability is good, easy to absorb moisture, temperature of the place can be consistent with the body temperature, therefore very suitable for use in air conditioning room. 4, mat mat mat is a natural herb woven, relative to the mat is cooler, but no bamboo mat is cool. For more than six months of baby. I have broken thorn, but few and very soft, broken can't harm the baby. Defect is often wet easy to bad. 5, bamboo mat bamboo filament woven for seats is also a natural plant, one of the most cool, also wash, can take a brush. Baby fat is particularly suitable for. More than 8 months baby suit. 6, the characteristics of wheat straw mat straw mat is soft in texture, good water imbibition, cool, moderate degree, is ideal baby mat. Child sleeping mat covered with a layer of cloth as far as possible the child skin delicate, play kicking mat can damage a child's skin, commonly known as 'punctured. Expert introduction, there is crack due to the mat, such as needles, bamboo sticks on the mat is not easy to be found. So experts suggested that the younger children try not to sleep bamboo weaving straw mat, sleeping mat, if at all, can use a layer of cloth, thin was spread on the mat, towel, etc, so that can protect baby's skin from harm. In addition, for baby use mat to disinfection, to prevent the baby skin allergies. Used to wash the mat, it before blanching again a few times, then dry. Also can be swabbed with wet cloth, first then put mat in ventilated place where there is sunshine, because of the ultraviolet ray in sunshine has certain sterilization, mat exposure to 6 hours in the sun, can achieve the purpose of disinfection. Want to often turn when exposure to the mat, make each side can directly under the sunlight.
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