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by:TONDA     2020-05-21
Core clew: winter cold nights long, some people afraid to sleep catch cold, covered with thick and heavy quilt to keep warm. In the winter the quilt cover is too heavy, in fact, it will affect morpheus quality health first, covered with thick quilt, sleeping people have oppressive feeling, can not relax the whole body, so can't sleep soundly; Secondly, open a window in the winter, less indoor oxygen content is relatively small, thick quilt presses on the chest, can cause slight hypoxia; The thick quilt dust, inhalation of respiratory tract will cause certain damage to respiratory tract mucous membrane, especially people with lung disease, are more likely to cause disease recurrence; Although thick quilt permeability is not good, warm in the evening, but also can make the pores open, the second day wake up more susceptible to cold. The winter best cover fleece or duvet. With Gao Baowen wool absorption by air, and good elasticity, and is not easy to produce static, very suitable for fear cold, weak, sweat winter cap. A light, soft, soft duvet, good hygroscopicity, perspire all over, there won't be oppressive feeling, suitable for all kinds of people, especially the high blood pressure, heart disease patients with poor circulation of people and the elderly, children, pregnant women. More than 50% of the country's best choice HanRongLv goose down quilt, if single cover a goose down quilt feel warm enough, can add a thin blanket on it. In addition, the winter air circulation is poor, so don't you go to sleep at night with a quilt cover your mouth and nose, so as to avoid breathing disorders; Around the body to tucking, in order to avoid air leakage; The shoulders and arms and legs not exposed, lest catch cold catch cold. Winter naked sleep is not recommended, but pajamas nor too thick, otherwise it will affect the comfort. Advised to choose a baggy pajamas, muscular relaxation and the circulation of the blood. Material is given priority to with natural fabric, such as cotton, breathable moisture absorption the good performance of knitted fabrics.
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