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by:TONDA     2020-05-18
Wool fiber is one of the earliest use of natural fiber in the home textiles, wool is the main raw material of wool fibers. Wool fiber is soft and flexible, can be used in the production of wool, wool, blanket, felting with life and industrial home textiles. Wool products are plump, feel warmth retention property good, wearing comfortable, etc, so the wool was regarded as the most close-fitting quilt. Because the sheep wool fiber has good crimp characteristic, therefore wool insulation sex is unassailable. And wool and has good drapability, so good close. As the name suggests, the wool fiber with the advantages of knitting wool was also a lot of: increase in deep sleep: authority according to the experimental results show that the depth of the cashmere bed is tasted can make the person sleep time increased by more than 25%, keep smooth slow heart rate and can be a very good close to the skin. Hygroscopic keep dry and warm in winter and cool in summer, the human body in sleep will exclude a large number of moisture, cashmere unique molecular structure of water vapor can be sucked into the structure of the hollow, cashmere can absorb its own weight more than 35% of the water vapor and no moist, and quickly ruled out, so you can stay warm dry and cold, can also in hot air cooler. Fluffy and soft, do not harden: cashmere has at least 40% of its natural elasticity, cashmere can restore the original thickness of more than 90% after being compressed, to maintain the fluffy, soft, do not harden. Natural fire retardant, safe and reliable: wool, not easy to ignite, and not easy to release a lot of heat during burning, open flames, melting, and can withstand severe burning, so very safe. Electric resistance of dust, antibacterial suppression mite: cashmere hygroscopicity strong, not easy to generate static electricity, dust dirt not easily cleave, before releasing water vapor to the external fiber absorbs moisture to itself, reduce the life cycle of insect mite. So cashmere is very suitable for baby, asthma, rheumatism, and the old man.
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